During the summer season, alas, we sweat a lot.

Sweat is very important for the body because, in addition to regulating the body temperature, it allows to eliminate excess toxins . The composition of sweat varies from person to person and depends on the skin area, but the main components are mineral salts such as potassium , magnesium , chlorine and sodium.

In summer, especially when practicing sports , the amount of sweat becomes important and with this also the amount of mineral salts that are lost . These mineral salts are essential to keep the body healthy , in particular they act on the nervous system , on the muscular system and on the heart system .

Together they help to give energy and vitality , keeping the body healthy, let's see them:

Potassium is a fundamental element because it participates in muscle contraction , including cardiac contraction, helps maintain normal blood pressure , regulates the body's acid-base balance and correctly balances electrolytes and fluids in the body .

Alkavita Gocce is part of the Alkavita line which aims to keep the body's pH around 7 by eliminating acidic toxins . In general , Alkavita Gocce is ideal for preventing cardiovascular disorders and muscle cramps , but also for those who practice sports or for those suffering from hypertension.

Potassium Gluconate comes from the chemical combination of Potassium and Glucose , which is the same form present in food. This supplement is particularly suitable for athletes and for those who practice intense physical activities , especially during the summer .

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Magnesium is also essential for the proper functioning of the body, in fact, its deficiency can cause fatigue , irritability , stress , poor memory and difficulty concentrating .

Alkavita Mag is a supplement in tablets based on Magnesium Chloride and Vitamin B6 added to increase the absorption capacity of Magnesium in the cells, it also collaborates in many enzyme systems by increasing the accumulation of intracellular Magnesium. Together they support normal psychological function by counteracting acidosis and maintaining electrolyte balance.

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Magnesium B-Vitality contains Magnesium Citrate , Oxide and Glycerophosphate and all the B vitamins that play an important role in the activity of enzymes, proteins that regulate all chemical reactions inside the body.

- Magnesium Glycerophosphate : it is more easily conveyed in the nervous system and in the cells of the nervous system.

- Magnesium Oxide : excellent and effective absorption, it is particularly known for its ability to quickly restore blood levels of magnesium.

- Magnesium Citrate : one of the most popular forms, particularly suitable for promoting intestinal purification.

Particularly useful for those suffering from muscle cramps or for cases of anxiety , mood swings , depression, apathy and lack of energy .

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