Magnesium is an essential mineral for recovering or maintaining good health. Nowadays over 70% of people are deficient, as the modern diet is increasingly poor due to intensive agriculture and the refining of foods, especially cereals.

Other deficit factors can be: physical exertion, stress, drug abuse and also particular physiological conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, premenstrual period, menopause and chronic diseases . It is necessary to pay attention to the various symptoms (tiredness, nervousness, anxiety, weakness and muscle cramps ...) to understand if our needs are satisfied or not.

We all lack it, but each of us in a different way…. find out which one is best for you!

Magnesium is available in the form of several salts; one of these is magnesium chloride , highly soluble in water and therefore easily assimilated.

It can be found both in powder and tablet form: the latter is the optimal solution if you want to avoid the bitter taste typical of powdered magnesium; in addition, the addition of vitamin B6 promotes its absorption in the intestine.

Magnesium also exists in the form of other salts (glycerophosphate, citrate and oxide), as in magnesium B vitality , more suitable for those who require a boost of energy.

Epsom salts or magnesium sulphate are instead recommended to operate a detoxifying and purifying action of the digestive system and liver in particular, and are available in both powder and tablets.

An alternative to taking it orally can be liquid dermal magnesium , which has the advantage of being safe, fast and with a high bioavailability; this formula also has an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving action locally.

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