Vitamins are substances that our body is not able to produce independently, but they are essential for the right charge and the maintenance of our health. They strengthen the functioning of our immune system and make it more efficient. Furthermore, vitamins and minerals act synergistically, strengthening each other for the well-being of the organism.

In everyday life, the use of drugs, stress and an unbalanced diet can compromise the absorption capacity of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, their needs cannot be satisfied with food alone.

Among the most well-known substances there is certainly vitamin C : available both in powder ( pure ascorbic acid ) and in the form of capsules or chewable tablets , it is certainly the most important vitamin for the human body. In fact, it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, promotes the proper functioning of most of the systems, in particular the immune system, contributes to the formation of collagen and increases the absorption of iron.

In combination with grapefruit seed extract and camu camu , known to be an adjuvant in case of bacterial / viral diseases thanks to their bioflavonoid content, it is able to effectively counteract seasonal disorders.

Vitamins A , E and selenium are effective against oxidative aging of the eyes, skin, and cardiovascular system.

Vitamin D3 , available here in spray form, is instead necessary for the good health of bones and teeth, as it is essential for good calcium absorption and good muscle function.

Minerals such as zinc and potassium, gluconates or contents such as salts mixed with proteins and carotenoids in spirulina algae , are involved in many enzymatic reactions of our body, and supplementation can be useful in case of poor immune defenses, vegan diets or when we needs recovery after intense efforts.

For those who require an extra intake of vitamins and minerals, a multivitamin and multimineral combination is ideal.

If you want to prepare the skin for summer pigmentation, beta- carotene , the inactive form of vitamin A, is useful.

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