🍃 On the Piacentine hills, Ecosalute was born 25 years ago thanks to a revolutionary founder, Doctor Marco Rho.

🌱 Ecosalute was not born by chance, but with a very clear mission in the mind of Doctor Marco Rho: to rediscover well-being through natural and high-quality active ingredients.

Those who have had the honor of knowing Doctor Rho describe him as a curious , professional , expert person and extremely attentive to everyone's needs.

During these years Ecosalute has kept alive its passion for the natural world by feeding it with new research in the nutraceutical field.


We pay particular attention to the needs that nature requires, and just as it constantly and cyclically renews itself, we too began a path of evolution in 2020 starting from the creation of the new logo.

For the color we chose a reassuring and harmonious green that transmits tranquility, freshness, purity, healing and balance : everything that nature wants to communicate.

While, the graphic elements were created to highlight the attention to the ecological world. In fact, the logo is represented by a leaf that embraces the initial of the name : to underline that it is nature and the environment that embrace man and not the other way around.


One of our main activities concerns the dissemination of scientific content because we believe that correct information is the key to the well-being of each of us.

We periodically publish the Ecobook which is not a simple catalogue, but a book that contains all the curiosities and advice as well as information on products and ingredients.

The writing of the contents as well as the graphic aspect are done internally by our team . This is because we don't want to give you a simple book, but a work for which each of us has contributed with their experiences and knowledge to make it unique and special.

But that's not all, you can add free information brochures to your order, the result of the synergistic work between the scientific department and our graphic designers.

We are particularly keen to tell you and explain the product you have purchased in all its aspects to give you all the tools necessary for a more conscious integration.


  • Treedom

    For years we have collaborated with Treedom, an association that offers the possibility of planting trees and plants in areas affected by deforestation.

    In recent years we have planted: Mcfly (Neem plant), Molly (Coffee), Longbottom (Afrian Cherry) and many others.

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  • Packaging

    The objective is to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible and for this reason we are renewing the product packaging by introducing amber glass bottles.

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  • Green thumb

    We love taking care of plants in the office. Every now and then we happen to add a few drops of Neem Oil or the used biodegradable coffee pods we use in the morning.

the team

Over the years the Team has grown more and more and today represents the beating heart of the company.

Respect for the customer and the constant search for innovation are the values ​​that animate the work of each team member every day, who constantly strives to provide customized and cutting-edge solutions for every need.

"The root of health is in the brain. Its trunk is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together."

(Kurdish proverb)