Inevitably in the summer, and not only, you sweat ... and thank goodness! Sweat is a means by which the body eliminates excess toxins .

Despite this, it is known that sweat can create moments of embarrassment and panic if the right deodorant is not chosen.

Ever heard of Allu-Deo ?

Allu-deo is a natural deodorant enriched with hydrating glycerin. The minerals inside prevent the formation of bad odor , without changing the sweating process. Allu-Deo is alcohol-free and for this reason it can be used after hair removal, these natural deodorants do not block physiological sweating precisely because it is essential for the well-being of the organism, it forms a sort of protective film on the sweat glands that over the course of a few hours it dissolves.

Rock alum or potassium alum is a salt which, thanks to its composition, is useful for controlling sweating. It is particularly appreciated:

  • the high astringent power
  • the deodorant action is, due to the ability to naturally create an inhospitable environment for the bacteria that cause bad odors.

Being a natural deodorant it is possible to apply it several times during the day, you can choose the Roll-on version or the spray version.

Available, for both formats, with 3 fragrances:

  • Neutral
  • Talc
  • Green tea

Neem soap

The face also needs to be purified from the sweat that forms during the day and if not removed it can cause skin imperfections.

Healthy soaps cleanse the face in a delicate and pH-friendly way, it is a cold-worked bar of soap, without the use of animal fats, obtained from the saponification of food-grade fatty acids contained in coconut oil.

Inside there is:

  • Oleolite from Neem leaves : emollient and soothing
  • Nigella oil : nourishing and purifying
  • Turmeric : for deep hygiene

Ideal for oily skin and for those of a mature age and do not want a too aggressive cleanser that risks drying the skin.

Alternatively, try the Pomegranate-based Facial Cleanser