ALKAVITA® Ecosalute


Maintaining a correct acid-base balance in the body is the basis of daily well-being. The pH influences everything, for this reason we should keep it slightly alkaline since our body tends to acidity, due to the metabolic waste naturally produced and a diet that is not always healthy!

Symptoms of acidosis vary from person to person, the most common being: repercussions on all digestive processes, sleep problems, migraines, joint pain, acid reflux, sour taste in the mouth, bad breath and nervousness.

Some minerals, such as zinc and calcium , contribute to acid-base and electrolyte balance. Potassium , on the other hand, in addition to regulating the acid-base balance, also supports muscle functions and helps maintain a correct blood pressure; it can therefore be useful in case of muscle cramps and hypertension.

Magnesium , on the other hand, is very useful not only for its alkalizing function, but also for the reduction of tiredness and for the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles. Associated with vitamin B6 it is also useful in premenstrual syndrome.

Some plant extracts, such as horsetail , nettle , lithotamnio and broccoli extract enhance the effect when associated with these minerals, as they have an antioxidant, draining and purifying action.


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