Obesity or overweight are often the consequence of a sedentary lifestyle characterized by unhealthy eating habits , which negatively affect the body's metabolism .

The first thing to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle , based on a balanced diet and the performance of a physical activity that is ideal for us.

Weight control supplements must in fact be taken as adjuvants of a low-calorie diet , based on a controlled and varied diet, and combined with regular and constant physical activity, even if of mild intensity.

Some natural supplements are formulated with active ingredients of plant origin that intervene on different mechanisms of energy metabolism , in particular that of sugars and fats.

Bromelain , extracted from the fruit and stem of the pineapple, is useful for fighting the accumulation of liquids and fighting cellulite.

The intake of brown algae can be an ally, thanks to their prebiotic action due to the high content of non-digestible fibers.

In particular, a type of Kelp Alga , known as Sea Oak or Fucus Vesicolosus , contains minerals such as iodine , which stimulates thyroid function by speeding up metabolism, and simple sugars such as mannitol , which has a diuretic action.

For those who do not know how to give up sweetness even if in a restricted calorie regime, it is then possible to opt for sugars with a low energy content, such as Erythritol .

To lose a few pounds or keep fit, sport certainly remains the main way together with nutrition.

While practicing sports, many mineral salts are lost through sweating, which must be integrated correctly to restore the right balance.

For this reason, in cases of excessive sweating we recommend the integration of Alkavita Basic orAlkavita Calcio Mix sources of Potassium , Calcium and Vitamin D.

Magnesium Chloride is also a valid alternative to recharge the batteries and at the same time relax the muscles after an intense effort.

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