CURCUMA Ecosalute


When we talk about Curcuma we commonly refer to Curcuma longa , a perennial planet belonging to the Zingiberaceae family.

Turmeric, thanks to its exotic flavor and its many properties, is widely used as a natural remedy. The part used in Curcuma is the rhizome, that is the root; precisely because of its properties it is also called the "root of life".

Its properties are mainly due to its high content in curcuminoids; among these the most active and most present phenolic compound is curcumin , with its high antioxidant power.

It has been found to be extremely useful for improving symptoms related to menstrual cycle disorders.

It is also an excellent adjuvant in giving well-being to the joints and relieving painful states associated with bruises, sprains and muscle pain, as well as arthrosis, osteoarthritis and arthrosis.

If associated with black pepper , which amplifies its absorption, its effect is enhanced.

It is available in powder, tablet, tincture or, for better assimilability, in gastro-resistant capsules.


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