Aromas exert a great influence on mood because the information coming from the sense of smell stimulates areas of the brain in relation to emotional states , mood , hormonal regulation , sexuality, etc.

The art of aromatherapy consists of combining various essential oils to treat specific problems : when two or more oils are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs and the oils combine into a new compound.

Oils that blend well are called synergistic . The goal of holistic aromatherapy is to harmonize or integrate the missing energies.

  • Benefits on circulation:

As they easily enter the circulation through the skin and mucous membranes, they directly influence circulation. In particular, the oils with a warming effect allow the activation of the circulatory system , producing an immediate sensation of heat capable of soothing pain. Oils such as lemon , sweet orange or tea tree oils stimulate the lymphatic system and are therefore extremely useful in cases of water retention and cellulite .

  • Benefits on the respiratory tract:

Through inhalation , essential oils are ideal for the well-being of the respiratory tract. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils have a balsamic action, able to reduce flu symptoms

How to use essential oils?

  • Diffuser : the diffuser is able to eliminate the agents harmful to health that remain suspended in the air. A part of the aroma is inhaled and penetrates into the bronchi thus passing to the blood circulation and arriving to act in the internal organs, the other part penetrates into the central nervous system improving mood .
  • Inhalations : the smoke bombs that contain the balsamic oils are ideal for clearing the respiratory tract . Alternatively, you can add a few drops on a handkerchief to benefit from their properties.
  • Wraps : useful in the case of migraines , bruises or tense muscles . Add a few drops of oil to a basin, dip a cloth in it and apply it to the affected area.
  • Keep mosquitoes away : a mix of lemongrass and phytomoquito will keep mosquitoes and insects at bay all summer, and beyond. Nigella oil, on the other hand, should be applied after a sting, its emollient and soothing action will calm the itching.
  • Baths : for a relaxing bath, your favorite essential oil must never be missing, lavender or sweet orange are great for combining relaxation.
  • Shower : if you don't have a bathtub, you can always opt for a relaxing shower. Apply a few drops on the sponge and enjoy the relaxation!
  • Foot baths : Eucalyptus and Tea Tree are ideal to combat fungus, pains and calluses on the feet.

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