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The intestine is the organ through which nutrients are absorbed by our body and waste substances are excreted.

A healthy intestine is able to perform all its functions correctly and ensure the well-being of the whole organism. In fact, the benefits of a healthy intestine are as numerous as a more efficient immune system ; it has been shown that this organ also has a defensive function, thanks to the commensal microbial population that resides here, our intestinal flora; this in fact proliferating prevents the establishment of pathogenic bacteria.

An unregulated diet, prolonged intake of drugs and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the main causes of an alteration that can manifest itself with different symptoms: intestinal disorders, dysbiosis, digestive difficulties and abdominal bloating.

Fortunately, some natural substances come to our aid: the beneficial action of ginger on digestive processes has been known for some time; also the fig bud extract and the green walnut husk can prove useful for this purpose.

In the event of an alteration of the intestinal bacterial flora, on the other hand, a mix of prebiotics and probiotics , including Bifidum, Lactis, Plantarium, Bulgaricus and Termophilus, is ideal for restoring balance.

In case of problems with normal intestinal transit, on the other hand, it is possible to find a natural ally in I nulin , a prebiotic fiber extracted from chicory, or from a combination of plant extracts of papaya, guar, pineapple and aloe .

F inocchio has been known for some time, very useful for its purifying and draining abilities; few know that it can also be a valuable aid to facilitate digestion and alleviate intestinal discomfort.

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