Our circulatory system provides for a continuous flow of blood in all the organs of our body, to ensure the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all areas of our body.

The main organ is the heart, which pumps blood to all of our vessels. Therefore it is essential to keep the entire cardiovascular system in perfect health thanks to a healthy lifestyle and conscious prevention.

An extract from the buds of Hawthorn and extracts of plants such as horse chestnut, butcher 's broom , bilberry and grapevine can be useful for keeping blood vessels, microcirculation and the cardiovascular system in general, with benefits in case of hypertension, while plants like hibiscus and olive , in particular the natural extract of leaves, they are also able to reduce cholesterol levels (in particular LDL cholesterol) and triglycerides.

Fenugreek works by reducing blood sugar levels, helping to normalize blood sugar.

Substances such as L-carnitine, support cellular energy metabolism and prevent complications resulting from heart attacks; in combination with ubiquinol Q10 and D-ribose it has a proven synergistic activity against the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and alterations in the heart rhythm, also carrying out a vasoprotective action.

Ubiquinol Q10, essential for the proper functioning of the heart, in combination with zinc and extracts of pine and hawthorn is instead useful for the prevention of heart disease, hypertension and cellular aging.

Some substances, such as the amino acid arginine , taurine and citrulline can be useful as they perform a vasodilating action, thus preventing atherosclerosis.


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