RETURN STRESS: choose the right allies

September is upon us and slowly we return to the good old routine.

Return stress is that feeling of general malaise and fatigue experienced by all those who return to the usual work routine or to school. This malaise is momentary but if not managed correctly, it risks lasting over time, ruining your mood and those around you.

With small precautions it is possible to face this period and cope with the return in the best possible way, facing the routine with more energy and determination .

How to recognize reentry stress?

Symptoms are subjective, among the most common we find:

Don't worry, it is more than normal and you are not alone. After prolonged periods of relaxation, in which you are finally able to switch off and stop thinking about anything, the return can sometimes be traumatic.

In addition to the consequences on the mood , often there are also physical ailments that derive from anxiety and stress .

The right allies

September is the month of good intentions and among these, your psychophysical well -being must be on the podium.

Nature offers natural ingredients capable of achieving the condition of harmony and balance.

Antistress Complex

Antistress Complex is a medicinal compound consisting of a blend of herbs to promote physiological relaxation and restore harmony . It acts on cortisol, responsible for the balance between the nervous system and the endocrine system which, if compromised, is the main cause of the onset of stress .


  • Rhodiola Rosea : acts on a mental and physical level, increasing energy , concentration and muscular endurance thanks to its adaptogenic properties.
  • Schisandra Chenensis : has the property of decreasing the sense of fatigue and increasing physical performance.
  • Verbena and Oats : reduce the sense of fatigue and improve mental well-being.

Sweet Dreams Pack

Antistress Complex can be combined with Magnesium Chloride , together they promote relaxation by reducing stress and mood swings .

Furthermore, Magnesium is able to reduce migraines and muscular tension , reducing localized and persistent tension.


Rhodiola Rosea

There Rhodiola Rosea L. thanks to its effect tonic-adaptogen can help counteract physical and mental fatigue, helping to maintain a normal mood.

Rhodiola is precious for those who:


It is a bud extract extracted from Tilia Tomentosa, more commonly called Linden, acts on the autonomic system, the vascular system and the heart, exerting a sedative , antispasmodic and anxiolytic action.

Mind-Activate Pack

Memora is a medicinal tincture composed of a mix of four plant extracts specially designed for the memory and cognitive functions .

All excerpts contained in MEMORIES are intended to act in synergy for improve memory and concentration and, thanks to the tonic action of some components, to promote a quick recovery in cases of physical and mental fatigue.

Plurimo, on the other hand, is a food supplement multivitamin And multimineral in tablets suitable for the whole family.

The Mind Activation Pack is useful for:

  • Support and optimize the activities of the body and mind.
  • Positively coping with stress and intense periods of study or work .
  • Regain concentration and support memory .
  • Defeat tiredness and fatigue.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

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