DEPURAZIONE: ora è il momento perfetto! Ecosalute

PURIFICATION: now is the perfect time!

The organism is contaminated every day by a high number of pollutants present in the air , water , food or from medicines, such as antibiotics and drugs .

When the accumulation of toxins is excessive, it can happen that the natural elimination systems are unable to manage such a heavy workload, which is why the purification process is so important.

It is a good idea to perform two cycles a year , one in spring and one in autumn, or in those moments when the body is naturally predisposed to changes and whenever you feel tired or debilitated .

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In particular, the excesses of any alcoholic and sugar -based aperitifs make the body prone to becoming intoxicated and acidified . Ingredients such as yeast and saturated fats inflame the digestive tract which produces waste and slows down the metabolism.

The advantages of purification

  • Helps the immune system deal with the winter season more effectively
  • Counteracts intestinal disorders and digestive difficulties
  • It increases the energy level of the organism
  • Improves alertness and mental clarity
  • Eliminate metabolic waste
  • It makes the skin brighter and the hair stronger and healthier

Complete Purification Package

The three REs of purification:

The products, taken in the recommended order, allow a total purification , i.e. they act on the intestine and on the main organs ( liver And kidneys ) where metabolic wastes and toxins can easily accumulate.

Those who want to carry out a purification in these months can therefore do so with the awareness of being supported by nature. A confirmation of this can be found by observing that right now wild bitter herbs are growing, plants known for their purifying properties .

How to carry out the cycle?

Start by taking Clark Balanced Mix , then move on to the Liver Depurative and conclude with the Kidney Depurative . 
A 7-day break is recommended between taking a depurative and the other.


  1. Take 40 drops twice a day, with water, for 15 days.
  2. Suspend 15 days.
  3. Resume for another 15 days, taking 40 drops twice a day, with water.


Take 30 drops twice a day in water, before meals, for a 3-week cycle.
The packaging is sufficient for a whole cycle.


Take 40 drops twice a day in plenty of water, preferably between meals, for 4 weeks.

How to carry out a correct purification?

During the purification cycle it is necessary to pay attention to some rules that will make the difference, among them drink a lot of water it is the main one, together with the daily consumption of fruit and vegetables.

If possible, limit the intake of animal proteins, preferring vegetable ones (eg beans, chickpeas and lentils) and avoid sugar, caffeine and "junk food" as much as possible.