One of the most fearful and widespread threats to our psychophysical well -being is stress . Of whatever nature it is, it goes to establish itself in the psycho-physical balance of a person in a subtle and constant way.

It can be determined by multiple causes that interact with each other: love life, quality of life, work environment and social life.

Here are 5 ways to regain mental and physical well-being:

1. Power supply

The saying Mens sana in corpore sano is true. During the holidays, usually, one gives in to some sin of gluttony too much, the feelings of guilt begin to be felt and dissatisfaction is around the corner.

Nothing is lost however, now is the perfect time to follow a balanced and varied diet , the body and mind need good fuel.

Returning to eating meals at regular times , interspersed with snacks, is essential to find the right rhythm of your biological clock. Fruit and fiber are ideal for integrating minerals and vitamins .

2. Plan your day

Put the activities you need to do on a sheet of paper, ordering them by priority. Be aware that you need your time and space to reclaim your duties.

Organize your day so you can carry out all your activities and carve out small moments all for yourself.

3. Re-establish relationships

Co-workers in the workplace are probably the people you will spend the most time with during your day. Carve out some space to devote attention and time to these relationships to better enjoy the working day, team up and feel satisfied.

Resentment and anger negatively affect the body and mind and above all do not bring any results, forgive and build healthy relationships around you that every day spur you to give the best of yourself.

4. Dedicate yourself to your passion

Now more than ever give space to your passions, they will allow you to relieve stress and tension . If you have that zumba class you've been wanting to sign up for for a while, maybe the time has come.

Music can be an important daily companion that can lighten the mood and take your head off. If you have the opportunity, grab the instrument that is in a corner in your attic and start with a few notes, otherwise a pair of headphones and that's it.

When you feel that you are facing a particularly challenging time, stop, breathe and listen to your favorite song.

5. Mindset and supplements

Trust and create positive energies .

You see the return from vacation as an opportunity to focus and improve yourself in your work and beyond. September can be the beginning of many new opportunities that will allow you to grow professionally and personally.

Supplements dedicated to psychophysical well-being are an excellent starting point and a valid support to start the journey that will help you find yourself .

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