Rhodiola Rosea: the 5 benefits for your well-being

Rhodiola is a plant that grows mainly in the cold regions of Europe and Asia. The most important part of the plant? The root that is considered adaptogen, that is, it helps to induce a state of greater resistance in the body by counteracting stress signals. In addition, the roots contain more than 140 active ingredients, including rosavin and salidroside. Its scientific name is Rhodiola rosea but it is also called arctic root or golden root due to its many benefits.

It has long been used to treat anxiety and fatigue. In Russia, Scandinavian countries and Germany it was used in the form of tea or other infusions capable of increasing physical endurance during long winters. Nowadays it is widely used as a dietary supplement for its many benefits that have been shown to be valid in strengthening memory and concentration, in activating both physical and intellectual performance, in controlling body weight gain and in modulating the tone of the body. mood, and finally as an anti-stress.

1. Relieve stress

The main function of Rhodiola is in fact that adaptogen which allows the body to deal with different types of stress. They say that the consumption of adaptogens during stressful times helps to better manage situations. For this reason it is a great ally when you are facing a change in life.

2. Reduce nervous hunger

Caused by an impulse that leads to consuming food automatically and compulsively, it is called Emotional Eating or, more commonly, nervous hunger. It is a non-physiological hunger but due to “nervous” mechanisms, that is psychic, and is felt in response to negative situations, thoughts or emotions. Rhodiola is ideal as it helps us release tension by preventing us from suffocating our thoughts with food .

3. Counteracts insomnia

By shortening the times of falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep, the plant is a good remedy for insomnia. This ability is also due to the fact that, by reducing both physical and mental stress and fatigue, we are able to fall asleep faster and more peacefully.

4. Enhance cognitive functions

The tonic action at the intellectual level of the plant makes it possible to improve both memory and concentration. Thanks to the action on dopamine and noradrenaline, mental fatigue is reduced and the attention threshold is raised, but not only! Rhodiola, in fact, also enhances brain functions in general, thus generating greater lucidity.


5. Fights fatigue

Thanks to the increase of the substrate, a fatty acid that is needed for the production of ATP, the right amount of energy will be available to support the man during physical exercises. Consequently, it will improve physical performance and increase physical endurance. This peculiarity is also due to the ability of Rhodiola Rosea to allow a rapid normalization of lactic acid values.

To put an end to anxiety, stress and bad mood there is the Antistress Complex . A medicinal compound based on Rhodiola rosea, Schisandra chinensis, Avena, oat fruits, Centella, Verbena and Savory, promotes physiological relaxation and harmonious balance. The product it does not contain lactose and milk derivatives, it is also suitable for vegans.