Are you ready to leave?

WE TALK ABOUT IT IN SEPTEMBER is already here to haunt us and the Green Day song could not be truer: "Wake me up when September ends!"

The summer has passed so quickly that there are so many things to do, to start and to resume that life is now becoming hectic! You return to work or study, to have the usual and exhausting rhythms of modern life that brings with it so much stress .

Did you know that too much stress can have a negative impact on health, both physical and mental? The most common manifestations of a stress build-up are symptoms such as difficulty concentrating , irritability, sleep disturbances , fatigue, apathy, tension, muscle aches , mood swings and loss of appetite. For this reason it is important to find activities to do that can help you find the well-being between mind and body as in the Namastè greeting.

5 activities to do that help you stay relaxed

To find your "ying-yang" and put stress to rest, we have thought of some activities that can help you. These are easy-to-do tips to help you get back to sleep, stay calm, and distract you from anything that can stress you out.

1. Paint

Is painting just an activity for children? I would say no! This activity is also spreading in the adult world as it helps distract from the daily pressures of life. What are the benefits?

  • Increase positive thoughts
  • Help rediscover your creativity
  • It allows you to reach a meditative state

2. Play sports

Now essential for your well-being, by carrying out physical activity you activate the neurotransmitters that put you in a good mood and help you fight stress and anxiety. If sweating isn't your thing, you can always do some stretching thanks to yoga which helps you release tension in your muscles and relieve anxiety.

3. Do puzzles

Have you ever tried to create a 3D puzzle? This meditative activity will help you regain your focus. In just a few minutes you will be so focused on bringing your creation to life that you will have achieved your goal, which is to find calm and relaxation.

4. Tidy up the house

Here is the right saying for you: "Clean house, clean mind." Taking care of your home helps you improve your mental health. This is why spending time tidying up your space or cleaning the house will help you relieve everyday stress. And why not, listening to some music while you clean will give you some extra energy!

5. Connect with nature

When you are in contact with nature or spend time with your pet, positive thoughts increase making you feel better both emotionally and physically. Nature also offers precious plants suitable to support us when we feel subdued.

There are plants that have been known for centuries for their sedative and anti-anxiety properties. We are talking about plants such as tulsi, valerian , lavender , linden , c amomile, hops, star anise, verbena and oats contained within:

Together we can combine:

  • Linden : to rediscover serenity and sleep
  • Rhodiola Rosea : to regain good mood and fight nervous hunger. 

Another important ally is magnesium which contributes to the improvement of psychophysical well-being. It is not a plant but a precious mineral for humans as it is the king of anti-insomnia minerals. In particular, it influences the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake rhythm.

  1. Alkavita MAG - Magnesium Chloride : for a carefree night.