The intestine is the organ through which nutrients are absorbed by our body and waste substances are expelled.

Its importance is therefore evident: a healthy intestine is able to perform all its functions correctly and consequently guarantee the well -being of the whole organism.

It is also defined as our " second brain " as the positive and negative moods reflect directly on it, modifying its functionality.

The change of season , stress or an unbalanced diet alter its balance, compromising the well-being of the whole organism.

Discover the whole Intestinal line

The benefits of a healthy gut:

  • More effective immune system
  • Proper assimilation of nutrients
  • Readiness and mental clarity
  • Improvement of metabolic activity
  • Skin more luminous and free of impurities.

Let's see together the perfect products for you:

1. Intestinal well-being

A mix of ingredients such as Senna, Papaya and Guar that help maintain the regularity of intestinal transit and support the body's natural defenses .

Useful in case of:

2. Carrighenani seaweed

Source of Iodine and Vitamin B12 , making it perfect for those who follow a vegan and / or vegetarian diet. A hand-picked seaweed, extremely appreciated for its thickening power due to the high content of starches known as carragnenine. These inside the intestine rehydrate forming a gelatinous and dense mass that traps impurities favoring their elimination.

Useful in case of:

3. Flora Vita Plus

A perfect balance between probiotics , that is the good bacteria present in the intestine and prebiotics , a food mixture capable of promoting their proliferation.

Flora Vita Plus is a supplement based on 10 billion live lactic ferments , ideal for seasonal changes , after antibiotics or for intestinal disorders .

Useful in case of:

  • Dysentery
  • Constipation
  • Intestinal disorders

4. Inulin

Prebiotic dietary fiber extracted from chicory , is not decomposed by digestive enzymes and arrives directly in the intestine , guaranteeing a proliferative advantage to useful bacterial strains.

Useful in case of:

5. Enhanced Walnut Hull

Mother Tincture used for its purifying properties , promotes digestion and the functionality of intestinal transit , helping to maintain the integrity and functionality of cell membranes.

Useful in case of:

6. Fennel

Regulates intestinal motility, facilitating the elimination of gases. It also promotes the drainage of body fluids and the fluidity of bronchial secretions, also counteracting menstrual cycle disorders.

Useful in case of:

Discover the whole Intestinal line