FENOTIPO E SPF: come muoversi? Ecosalute

PHENOTYPE AND SPF: how to get around?

Often you find yourself in front of a shelf full of sunscreen, how can you orient yourself?

Choose the right SPF

Each cream shows the degree of sun protection (SPF). The value can vary up to 10 for low protection , medium from 15 to 25 , high from 30 to 50.

The choice of solar power depends a lot on the phenotype and the duration in which one is exposed to the sun.

The SPF is a numerical index that establishes the minutes of shielding power of the cream from the sun's rays.

Example: If your phenotype is number 3 you need to multiply this value by the protection factor of the cream (eg SPF 20) and you will get the minutes for which the sun protects you from UV rays.

What is the phenotype?

To protect the skin from UV rays, it is essential to choose the right cream, based on the phenotype or a specific skin and hair color that determines the degree of reactivity to the sun's rays .

What phenotypes are there?

  • Phenotypes 1 and 2 : characteristic are blond or red hair and a fair complexion with freckles. Those who belong to this category are very sensitive to the sun and can easily suffer from sunburn and rashes.
  • Phenotypes 3 and 4 : definitely in the majority in the Mediterranean area . Those who belong to this phenotype have a medium-light complexion with brown or black hair . The skin turns golden easily and the risk of sunburn is reduced. Despite this, UV protection is still necessary to prevent the synthesis of free radicals with consequent skin aging.
  • Phenotypes 5 and 6 : They boast a Middle Eastern and black complexion with very dark hair. In the summer, tanning takes place intensely. (lucky you).

Small precautions:

For external skin protection, the best way to apply sunscreen is always before exposure and after any bath, this is because salt water and chlorine limit its effectiveness.

Protection also from the inside: prevent skin aging with the Golden & Protected Skin Pack .

Pamper your skin after exposure

The sun , sand , sweat and water (whether with chlorine or salt) dry and stress the skin. After sun exposure, it rebalances the skin 's hydration state by applying a layer of Avocado-based Moisturizing Cream , with emollient and soothing properties.

Sun & Vitamin D

It is estimated that about 70% of the population has a deficiency of Vitamin D , a fat-soluble vitamin, essential for the health of bones and the whole organism.

The sources from which this vitamin is obtained are food (eg salmon and mackerel) or sun exposure . In winter, however, unfortunately, the light is poor and in summer being in the sun for many hours becomes unbearable, so you don't have enough vitamin D supplies.

Vitamin D spray allows you to reach the right amount of Vitamin D , without spending hours and hours in the sun.

Why was Vitamin D3 chosen?

Because it contributes to the fixation of calcium and phosphorus in bones and teeth and to the regulation of the immune and nervous system , muscle contraction and cell growth.

The very definition "vitamin" is not entirely appropriate, it is in fact a hormone produced in the skin when it is hit by the right amount of ultraviolet sunlight and, subsequently, activated at the level of the kidneys and liver.

Integrate Vitamin D3 immediately