After the excesses of the holidays it is common to find oneself with the digestive system in turmoil: a sense of heaviness , abdominal swelling , intestinal irregularities (constipation or dysentery) and digestive difficulties can be on the agenda. For those who repeatedly complain of gastrointestinal disorders or those suffering from particular conditions, such as irritable colon , certainly this period (also thanks to the current situation) was not very forgiving.

In these cases the first thing to do would be to proceed with a good intestinal purification , which in addition to freeing the body from the waste and residues of everything that has been introduced (and not always in healthy quantity and quality), can contribute to the resolution of problems that are often considered and treated to a limited extent at the gastric level.

Later, to help the recovery of the correct regularity of intestinal transit , it is advisable to take a product that, in addition to supporting the latter, also promotes digestive function .

With which product?

With Intestinal Wellness !

It is a supplement based on plant extracts able to promote digestion , especially the difficult one of proteins, and to improve the health of the intestine by counteracting various ailments that can occur in this organ. Based on lemon balm, papaya, guar, aloe, malpighia and pineapple, it is a real natural cure-all able to give lightness and well-being to the digestive system .

Ingredients and properties

Papaya helps to counteract bloating, meteorism and flatulence ; the addition oflemon balm , a plant with sedative, spasmolytic and carminative properties, enhances this effect and also makes it useful against nervous somatization in the intestine. It can also help reduce abdominal spasms and cramps, as it relaxes smooth muscles.

Contains extract of pineapple , aloe and guar seeds ( Cyamopsis tetragonolob a ) reduced to powder that counteract constipation and intestinal irregularity, favoring evacuation without weakening the intestinal muscles responsible for peristalsis.

Aloe and papaya make it a perfect product also to support digestive processes, thanks to the properties of the plant enzymes contained in these ingredients.

With the addition of Malpighia punicifolia , a shrub whose fruit, similar to a cherry, has a high content of Vitamin C , it also represents a valid support for the immune system thanks to its antioxidant action.

Do you want to find that wonderful sense of well-being and lightness?

Discover Intestinal Wellness .