FORMULA CAISSE & DEPUR COMPLEX: la depurazione continua! Ecosalute

CAISSE & DEPUR COMPLEX FORMULA: purification continues!

After the purification cycle , how to proceed?

The purification cycle is a path formulated with the aim of detoxifying the body from all the toxins that accumulate during the year, which cause different ailments.

The advantages of purification

Purification brings numerous benefits to the entire body, among the main ones it helps the immune system to better deal with the autumn and winter season , increasing the body's energy level and improving alertness and mental clarity . Furthermore, the elimination of metabolic waste makes the skin brighter and the hair stronger and healthier.

The main objective of purification is to clean organs such as the intestine, liver and kidneys, which are essential for the correct functioning of the organism, going to "restore" them and allowing them to function at their best.

Once the purification process is finished, it is advisable to follow a maintenance path through active ingredients that allow the body to remain purified. The same active ingredients are also strongly recommended for those who want to perform a purification without adhering to the timing of the purification cycle , in this case Depur Complex and Formula Caisse can be valid alternatives.

Depur Complex

Depur Complex is a food supplement in tablets based on a mixture of herbs, indicated to promote the activity of the liver and digestive system, it is very useful following episodes of food intolerances due to the presence of digestive enzymes inside.

Milk Thistle and Artichoke promote purification, the elimination of intestinal gas and the metabolism of lipids, thanks to their ability to improve digestive and liver functions. Turmeric , on the other hand, has a high antioxidant capacity and promotes digestion , supports liver activity and joint function .

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Caisse formula

Herbal medicinal compound that favors the purification of the organism, through the activation of biological mechanisms and the elimination of metabolic waste .

The blend of herbs contained in this compound has synergistic properties indicated for those who:

  • You want to cleanse your body
  • It seeks the well-being of the joints as thanks to the disposal of toxins and the drainage of body fluids, the joints regain normal functionality.
  • For those who want to improve digestion and intestinal function
  • For those who want to promote the hydration and brightness of the skin thanks to the disposal of toxins from the body.

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