Nicoletta Di Grazia , graduated in Biology, deals with Ecosalute products: from their conception, to the formulation up to the realization.

It stands out for its professionalism and competence : Nicoletta never leaves anything to chance, every little detail of every single product is taken care of and made to grow by and together with her, analyzed several times until it reaches its best version.

As for the supplements, she took care of the creation of the entire Cosmetic Line and today she is here to tell you about it and let you enter her world.

  • How was the cosmetic line born?

The idea of ​​the cosmetic line was born almost by chance: one day in January I remember that I arrived in the office with the skin on my face and my hands so red from the cold and chapped that I said to the Team: "Why don't we make cosmetics ?!" . I said it almost as a joke, but they took me seriously and day after day, the idea became more and more concrete.

I am passionate about the Beauty and Skincare world and I have never been able to find products that satisfied me 100%, for one reason or another I have never bought the same product more than twice, so I thought of a line cosmetics that can be everyone's must-have .

  • What is the goal of this line?

The entire cosmetic line has been designed with the one and only goal of taking care of the body at 360 ° without making distinctions between sex or age. From face care to body care, passing through the moment of relaxation during the shower: if the whole line could be enclosed in one word it would be “ wellbeing ”, an inclusive line.

After a stressful and hectic day, there is nothing better than a fragrant cuddle : a moment of rest to allow yourself to regain balance and yourself.

  • How were the ingredients chosen for each product?

The first few months I was inspired by everything around me and I must say that nature was a great source of inspiration. Pomegranate was chosen for its countless antioxidant properties while Avocado was chosen for its nourishing and emollient characteristics.

As I had a clear idea of ​​what the product was supposed to be, I did several tests to get to the right combination of active ingredients, up to the perfect match.

Each component within each cosmetic plays a well-defined role: the bitter orange purifies, the chilli pepper warms, the centella refreshes, the hyaluronic acid hydrates, the emblica hydrates and the propolis repairs; a search for ingredients that actually continues to exist today.

  • What was the biggest difficulty in building the line?

I do not deny that there have been many difficulties, the world of cosmetics was for us a new world in which we entered on tiptoe. I wanted to create something special, everything had to be perfect: from the formula , to the texture to the fragrance and obviously the results must be concrete.

  • How were the packaging and labels chosen?

The packaging was made following a green footprint : where it was possible we chose glass packaging where it was not possible, we chose plastic obtained from renewable sources (eg sugar cane).

The colors of the line have been designed and created in the smallest details.

For the face line , the color of Pomegranate was chosen, a deep and decisive color that expresses grit, personality and confidence, for all those who recognize and are aware of the importance of taking care of their face.

The body line , on the other hand, is characterized by a bright green that recalls the color of Avocado , the basic ingredient of all products dedicated to the body. A sweet and harmonious color that pampers the body and makes you experience a moment of pure relaxation .  

  • What would you like each cosmetic to give to the customer?

As I said before, I would like the Beauty moment to be a real moment in which you detach yourself from the daily frenzy and allow yourself a few minutes only for yourself, this in addition to having visible effects has further psychological benefits.

I would like it to be an inclusive line within everyone's reach, in fact everyone must have the opportunity to benefit from the properties that nature offers.

All cosmetics are natural and formulated to respect the most sensitive skin, thanks to the surfactants of vegetable origin , delicate, low foaming and entirely Made in Italy .

Within the Team, Nicoletta is a real point of reference , available and attentive to the needs of each one, most of the results obtained by the company go to her determination.