DEPURATIVO RENI: terzo e ultimo step Ecosalute

KIDNEYS DEPURATIVE: third and last step

The kidneys are part of both the urinary and endocrine systems, in fact, in addition to the production of urine , they have other important functions: they regulate the volume of body fluids for the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system ; they are responsible for the basic and electrolytic acid balance ; they expel metabolic waste and foreign substances; they produce and secrete hormones .

Why carry out the purification?

The task of the kidneys is to excrete waste and keep the blood clean and balanced, they are defined by Chinese medicine as " the lords of water " because of their responsibility towards the liquids that inhabit the body: blood, water. Consequently also regulating the blood pressure inside the blood vessels, but not only because they are the holders of the vital energy we have.

It is therefore advisable to help them remain functional for the well-being of the whole organism , a correct purification at least twice a year is recommended, because it helps to prevent the formation of stones.

Properties of the ingredients:

  • Goldenrod : promotes diuretic activity and functionality of the urinary tract . Useful to counteract water retention .
  • Burdock : used for liver and skin drainage
  • Uva Ursina : its active principle arbutin determines its properties in the urine; is among the remedies indicated for the urinary tract .
  • Birch, Pilosella, Cherry : they help drainage and counteract water retention by facilitating the elimination of toxins, which are expelled with diuresis.

How to take it?

It is recommended to take 40 drops 2 times a day with water, away from meals for a 4-week cycle. It is advisable to take a lot of water to dispose of the substances that the choir has to expel faster.

Total Purification Package

The Kidney Depurative is the third step of the path dedicated to the total purification of the organism. A 360 ° path with the aim of thoroughly purifying the intestine , liver and finally kidneys .

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