Dr. Stefania Marcolongo , a naturopath specializing in phytotherapy, aromatherapy and flower therapy, explains in detail the importance of purification in these months.

Why autumn?

Autumn is one of the ideal moments for a detox (or detox) useful for eliminating excess toxins from the body and mind and therefore preparing to better face the cold seasons .

This is also because, in the autumn season, the brain must adapt to the shorter days and the lower intensity of light, often resulting in mood swings and an increased desire for sweets and carbohydrates with consequent weightiness.

Why cleanse yourself and the importance of the liver

A clean body therefore not only can perform all its physiological functions better, but also be stronger than any 'attack', including seasonal ones. And finally, no less important, detoxification also helps to have a clearer and more serene mind , and therefore live more in harmony with oneself and 'the world'.

The organ most associated with purification is the liver , which promotes the elimination of toxins from the body, it is one of the few organs capable of regenerating itself and if it functions correctly, it strengthens the other excretory organs .

On the contrary, if the liver does not work well, toxic substances remain in circulation which can make us feel weak and tired .

What Traditional Chinese Medicine says

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine , the autumn period is associated with the lungs/large intestine meridians , organs that regulate the relationship between inside and outside through the skin. In fact, precisely in these months, also due to the greater humidity of the climate , we become more subject to colds , coughs or other factors that influence the lungs, but also to attacks of intestinal irregularities or constipation which indicate how our digestive and intestinal tract are more exposed to alterations and imbalances.

Natural remedies

The best way to purify yourself starts with your diet: drink water and, better yet, water and lemon in the morning, before breakfast. Always include seasonal fruit and vegetables in your meals which naturally help the purification processes and improve the health of our body, to name just a few:

  • Fruit : citrus fruits, grapes, persimmons, pomegranate
  • Vegetables : artichokes, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, beetroot and pumpkin. Furthermore, on the one hand, reduce the consumption of simple or compound sugars (bread, pasta, pizza), especially if made from refined flours, and favor the use of ancient and whole grains. On the other hand, increase the consumption of quality fatty acids and proteins.
  • Officinal plants : then there are specific medicinal plants that above all stimulate the correct functionality of the main excretory organs which are: intestine , liver , kidneys , skin and lungs. They can be used both alone and in combination, both in the form of herbal tea and tincture or dry extract in capsule, for example: artichoke, burdock, dandelion, nettle, birch, bearberry, hawkweed and others. Other useful tips for the autumn season.

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Detox from negative thoughts

Observing Mother Nature we see that the trees drop their leaves during this period, for us too this is the best time to lighten up and let go: memories or worries that weigh on us or simply some of the daily commitments, those that create too much pressure on us.

Sleep and Purification

Sleep has an important function in purification. In fact, during sleep , metabolic activity slows down and the system activates to drain and expel the toxic proteins produced by the brain during the waking phase . These wastes are drained and then directed to the liver which will dispose of them.

To facilitate good restful sleep , it is better to always go to sleep at more or less the same time and set up a regular routine that includes the hours of rest necessary to recover energy . In the evening, relaxing activities such as a hot bath, reading a book or a peaceful chat with loved ones and/or friends are preferable. Even during the day it is better not to overdo physical activities , but this does not mean total inactivity, on the contrary, during daylight hours you can take beautiful walks outdoors surrounded by the wonderful colors that nature offers in this season. Or a gym or center where you can do your favorite physical activity, be it sport or something else, but always listen to and respect your psychophysical energies and without exaggerating. For a complete psychophysical purification program personalized based on need, age and which takes all factors into account, it is preferable to contact a professional who can give you the most appropriate advice for your real and personal needs.