Cough , cold and sore throat are some of the most common symptoms when contracting Covid infection, in some people, the symptoms remain even after testing negative for the swab.

The key word is: immune defenses .

Even in this period, it is necessary to strengthen one's immune barriers through the integration of natural active ingredients.

The main assets to be integrated are:

A fundamental vitamin for improving the immune defenses , with antioxidant and immunostimulating action, therefore useful for preventing infection. Vitamin C should also be taken in the post Covid period, as it helps to reduce the sense of fatigue physical and mental speeding up the recovery.

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Turmeric has an important anti-inflammatory action as well as protecting tissues from free radical damage and counteracting oxidative damage, thanks to the high content of curcuminoids with a high antioxidant action .

It is often associated with black pepper , as it is able to increase its bioavailability by 20 times.

Turmeric Integrated Tablets (-20%) : Turmeric & Black Pepper

Integrated Turmeric Powder (-35%) : Turmeric & Black Pepper

Curcumaxima (-40%) : Highly assimilable turmeric

Turmeric Officinal Tincture (-20%) : Turmeric

It has a very important antibacterial and disinfectant action, especially for the upper respiratory tract, guaranteeing the well-being of the nose and throat .

Try Echinostilla, 40% off : a spray based on three different propolis with echinacea and balsamic oils for the well-being of the airways.

Echinacea is a plant with a strong immunostimulating action, recommended to strengthen the immune defenses against pathogens and above all as a natural remedy to assist in the treatment of cold symptoms ( stuffy nose , sore throat , cough and cold ).
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Allied Defense Pack

Three allies for your immune system, the Allies Defenses Pack contains:

  • Echinostilla : Spray based on Propolis and Echinacea with immunostimulating and antibacterial action. The presence of balsamic essential oils makes the intake pleasant and helps to soothe the irritation of the throat, freeing the upper respiratory tract .
  • Chewable Vitamin C : very useful to recover during the post-Covid convalescence period and to prevent infection. A grapefruit-flavored chewable tablet also ideal for children.
  • Magnesium Chloride - Alkavita Mag : magnesium is essential for the correct functioning of the organism, it acts on many mechanisms such as the balance of electrolytes, on energy metabolism, on the correct functioning of the nervous system and on the immune system.

Strengthen Defenses Pack

The Defenses Strengthening Package is a package formulated to strengthen the immune defenses in spray format, to facilitate the intake and absorption of the active ingredients. Both Echinostilla and Vitamin D3 Spray are enriched with essential oils that give a pleasant flavor even to the little ones.

The combination of Propolis , Echinacea and Vitamin D3 proved to be a perfect combination to improve the immune system.

Echinostilla , in particular, has an antibacterial action given by Propolis but at the same time emollient and soothing for the airways that can easily become irritated due to cough and cold.

Vitamin D3 is a tonic for the body, has a targeted action on the immune system and beyond. Its intake, in fact, contributes to the well-being of bones and teeth as well as contributing to the normal absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus.

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