S.O.S. SCOTTATURE: quali prodotti utilizzare? Ecosalute

SOS BURNS: which products to use?

Sea scent of tides

Sea, fresh breeze, salt, sun and ... sunburn!

In reality, even the mountains are not spared!

Sunburn is a lesion of the most superficial layer of the skin that occurs after prolonged and intense sun exposure.

The skin becomes red (indeed burgundy), increases the sensitivity , itching and pain of the area as well as creating a sensation of heat spread throughout the body.

Lighter skins are particularly prone to sunburn , even if well protected by sunscreen with a high SPF.

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What are UVA rays and UVB rays?

Most of the rays that reach the earth's surface are UVA and are able to pass through clouds, glass and penetrate into the dermis and, not being filtered, are present all year round.

It is precisely the UVA rays that cause the formation of free radicals causing the loss of tone and elasticity of the skin, therefore causing skin aging

UVB rays , on the other hand, are filtered by clouds and surfaces but are more intense and dangerous in summer, this is because if they are not filtered effectively they cause sunburn.

How to do?

It is essential to expose yourself to the sun at the right hours , avoiding exposure in the hottest hours, moreover, during the first exposures it is always recommended to use a sunscreen with high protection.

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In case of sunburn, rule n ° 1 is to avoid further irritating the skin and to prefer soft fabrics and products with emollient and soothing characteristics.

Nigella oil

Nigella Oil is a real panacea for red, irritated skin and for sunburn, Nigella Oil is born from the cold pressing of the seeds of Black Cumin.

In addition to having a healing action , it is useful in case of erythema and burns for its soothing and emollient properties.

Nigella oil is included in the Summer Evenings Package where it has a refreshing and calming action in cases of insect bites such as mosquitoes .

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has an antiseptic action on the area to avoid infections in the injured area. Ecosilver is characterized by a suspension of 99.99% pure silver , in bidistilled water.

Thanks to its purity it carries out a natural bactericidal action, a real natural disinfectant.

Just apply a few drops on the affected area and massage until completely absorbed.

What differentiates it from all other disinfectants? Ecosilver does NOT burn !


The sun's rays stress and dry the skin of the face and body, damaging it and promoting the skin aging process.

Before going to sleep, ALWAYS apply a good face or body cream with nourishing and emollient properties . Always pay attention to ingredients that, if too aggressive, can damage and aggravate.

Hydra H24 contains everything you need to take care of your skin both day and night. The moisturizing face cream should be applied in the morning after cleansing and mixed with the SPF cream, in the evening before going to sleep, apply a generous layer of anti- aging cream for an extra moisturizing and emollient action.

The shoulders and back also need special attention, as they are one of the first parts of the body to get burned in the sun. After the shower, apply a layer of Moisturizing Body Cream and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.