Epiphany takes all holidays away.

Indeed, January 6 marks the end of a period of joy and festivity.

Luckily, the Befana takes care of the sadness for the holidays that have just ended, and on the night between 5 and 6 January she goes to all the houses to fill the stockings hanging from the fireplace with many delicious sweets.

The legend

It is said that the Magi, on their way to Bethlehem to bring the gifts to the Child Jesus, unable to find the way, asked an old woman for information.

Despite their insistence that he follow them to visit the baby, the woman did not leave the house to accompany them. Then regretting not having gone with them, after having prepared a basket of sweets, she left the house and started looking for them, without success. He stopped at every house he found along the way, giving sweets to the children present, in the hope that one of them was the baby Jesus.

Since then he would travel the world, giving candies, sweets and treats to all the children, to be forgiven.

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Fill the Befana sock and awaken your body and mind!

Since we have already taken steps to enjoy all sorts of sweets during the Christmas holidays, it is now advisable to consume healthier foods , which support the awakening of mind and body in a healthy way and provide the body with all the energy it needs to recover. the right pace.

So why not take advantage of it to fill the Befana sock with the best products for the psychophysical well -being of the whole family?

In fact, in these days adults and children will resume the usual work and school routine, a routine that obviously will require an extra effort after the past moments of inactivity and relaxation.

Here then is that nature once again puts itself at the disposal of man, offering portentous ingredients such as Rhodiola rosea , famous for its adaptogenic abilities. The plant extracts obtained from this plant boast strong tonic and anti-fatigue properties, which help to effectively counteract the physical and mental fatigue typical of the post-vacation period, and promote intellectual performance.

It also represents a valid help in dealing with events and situations that cause tension, anxiety and nervousness.

Another wonder, always completely natural, is magnesium. This mineral, in addition to performing some vital functions for the body, is essential to support body and mind in times of high stress . In Magnesium B Vitality there are three highly bioavailable magnesium salts (Glycerophosphate, Citrate and Oxide), in addition to the entire group of vitamin B, Folic acid, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc. For a real injection of vitality!

Finally, how can we forget the plant of the intellect par excellence, Ginko biloba. The extract of the leaves of this tree has a neurostimulating and neuroprotective action that favors brain functions and microcirculation, especially that at the cephalic level. When combined with other plant extracts such as those of Ginseng from the Andes, Siberian Ginseng and Blueberry as in Memora , it acts in synergy to stimulate memory and cognitive functions, also improving concentration.

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