With the end of the holidays we must necessarily roll up our sleeves and return to the rhythms of every day.

Work and school life resumes and involves several changes in the relaxing habits adopted during these weeks, changes ranging from a simple change in the sleep / wake rhythm to a greater need for concentration and mental effort .

Accustomed to long sleeps, afternoons spent in front of the fireplace or relaxing with a herbal tea or hot chocolate, being awake and active in the early morning can be a difficult challenge. It can be even more difficult to keep your mind clear and operational all day.

That's why there is Memora !

A mix of four plant extracts specially designed to promote memory and cognitive functions.

All the extracts present act in synergy to improve memory and concentration and, thanks to the tonic action of some components, to promote quick recovery in cases of physical but above all intellectual fatigue .

The presence of Ginkgo biloba extract, a Chinese plant with very ancient origins, increases vascularization and improves the activity of chemical transmitters in the brain while Maca , an adaptogenic plant also known as Ginseng of the Andes, is a plant widely exploited by the Peruvian population. for its tonic, revitalizing and anti-fatigue properties.

Eleutherococcus , another adaptogenic plant also known as Siberian Ginseng, is a plant used for its anti-stress properties. It represents an excellent ally to promote concentration and memory during periods of intense study.

The product also boasts an antioxidant action thanks to the presence of Blueberry , which with its high concentration of flavonoids also maintains the well-being of sight and microcirculation.

Thanks to the particular synergistic properties of its components, it is therefore a product designed and formulated specifically for all those who need a valid support for memory and concentration in school and work.

You can also find Memora in the Mind-Activation package , for an extra sprint that combines the benefits of this compound with the action of vitamins and minerals!