TINTURE E GEMMODERIVATI: qual è la differenza? Ecosalute

DYES AND GEMMODERIVATIVES: what's the difference?

Martina Stellittano , herbalist and naturopath, describes the difference between bud extracts and medicinal tinctures to make a more informed purchase.

But are all supplements the same? Why are there so many, what's the difference?.

Whether on the internet or on the shelves of pharmacies, parapharmacies, herbalist shops and supermarkets, you will probably have asked yourself " But what changes ?". I think being confused by so many colored boxes and strange names of plants is the minimum, especially if you are not an expert in the sector. Indeed, the first thing that strikes us will be marketing... and what an immense power it has, I would add... it's magnetic!

I imagine you while you are there, standing in front of the shelf, reading " this one is for the heart ", "this one for hair loss ", "this one for sleeping better "... but of every category that is passing through your hands, there is not just one supplement but infinite ones!

You find yourself at a crossroads: "Do I take this one because it struck me more or do I choose at random because one is as good as the other?"

In today's article I'll explain the first difference : mother tinctures and bud extracts ... don't worry about the complicated stuff, they just have names!

Meanwhile, let me introduce myself, I am Martina Stellittano , naturopathic herbalist and founder of essential remedy , a 360° wellness program. I deal with dissemination , training and support people to listen to their body and its signals through a healthier lifestyle , consciously integrating 100% natural remedies or strategies , tried first of all on my skin.

The first thing to know is that supplements can be present in different formulations: capsules , tablets , drops , powder . Let's take chamomile for example, a natural remedy that we are all certainly familiar with since we were children.

Despite this, not all plants can be transformed into the previous forms, and the reason is very simple: they are different!

Chamomile is "famous" for its flowers, mallow for its leaves, liquorice for its roots. Just as we human beings have a body and a soul, the soul of the plant is the part rich in active ingredients , and as anticipated above, each plant will have its soul contained in a different part.

The aim is precisely to capture the soul of the plant and keep it inside what we today call a supplement !

How do you capture the soul?

It's very simple, there are specific techniques for the different parts... some can be captured using multiple techniques, others just one.

  • Mother dyes

Mother tinctures are supplements prepared with the part of the fresh plant (leaves, roots, berries, etc.) placed in water and alcohol for approximately 3 weeks , a period in which the liquid will be able to capture the soul of the plant . After this period, the elixir rich in active ingredients is filtered and stored, ready for use! Why is she called mother? Because it can also be used as a starting point for other herbal preparations, this is why it is called " mother ".

  • Gemmoderivatives

Gemmoderivatives are supplements prepared with the part of the fresh plant (the buds) placed in water, alcohol and glycerin (for this reason they are also called glycerine macerates) for approximately 3 weeks. Once this period has passed, it is filtered , diluted and preserved, here too the elixir rich in active ingredients is ready for use!

The former have a more targeted effect on the symptoms , while the latter work more in depth with a gentler effect and in harmony with the person .

In both cases the properties of the plant are preserved , they do not undergo particular industrial processes, and this allows the true essence of the plant itself to reach us... it is a bit like a photograph taken to immortalize a certain moment, a memory and preserve it as such despite the passage of time .

I hope I have made you curious, even a little, about this wonderful natural world,

see you at the next appointment...always on the road to well-being!

A hug,


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