Stare a tempo con l'età: benessere Over65 Ecosalute

Keeping up with age: Over65 wellbeing

Time passes, age advances, and the body changes and transforms. Habits , rhythms and tastes change. And the needs of the organism also change, given by structural, physiological and biochemical variations within it.

The signs of aging, such as wrinkles on the skin, white hair, joint pain and everything else, are nothing more than the amplified mirror of cellular aging . This is given by the slowdown and reduced efficiency of all the processes that take place within the cells and which then determine the functioning of organs and systems.

First signs: skin and intestines

The first signs are seen in those systems where there is a very high cellular turnover , that is, where new cells replace old ones very quickly: the skin and the intestine . Wrinkles, spots and discolourations are noticeable on the skin . In the intestine the problem is more serious, because old cells mean non-functioning cells, and non-functioning cells in the intestine means reduced absorption of nutrients , with the risk of food insufficiencies and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


Calcium is certainly a mineral to pay attention to: few foods containingCalcium are consumed after a certain age due to frequent intolerance to dairy products, and theCalcium present in vegetables (green leaves such as spinach, black cabbage, herbs) is difficult to absorb because linked to oxalates and phytates. Taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement, which promotes absorption, such as Alkavita Calcio Mix (2 tablets in the morning and 2 after lunch) is a good practice.

Antioxidant capacity

It also happens that the antioxidant capacity of the body is significantly reduced. But what does it mean? In our organism there are molecules (Glutathione, Resveratrol, Pycnogenol, Vitamin C ) or enzymes (SOD, catalase, peroxidase) which have the task of neutralizing free radicals , pro-oxidants, which would damage cell structures and DNA. But if these antioxidants decline, the DNA is consumed and the intestine does not absorb nutrients well, what happens? The system that is most affected is the cardiovascular system , which requires a lot of antioxidant power to protect itself , both from oxidized cholesterol and from circulating free radicals. A good mix of CoenzymeQ10 , Hawthorn , Pine (rich in Pycnogenol) and Zinc (antioxidant) can be useful in protecting the cardiovascular system from high oxidation: these ingredients are found in VitaQuore (one tablet per day).


  • Menopause

A little focus on hormones is in order. Hormones are messengers that carry directions from one organ to another, or sometimes even within the same organ. There are around 200 in our body, but we will focus on just two of them, estrogen and testosterone . When menopause arrives, estrogen decreases, and women know well that symptoms such as heat, variable mood, hunger or lack of appetite, poor quality sleep are caused precisely by this hormonal variation. There is no defined length of time that menopause lasts, so sometimes it is necessary to seek relief from symptoms . Alfalfa is a plant rich in isoflavones which have the properties of being phytoestrogens (plant estrogens, which however manage to bind to human estrogen receptors and trigger a response). It helps prevent symptoms related to menopause and is also rich in vitamins, minerals and coumarins , other phytocompounds that help regulate hormones (2 to 6 capsules a day before meals).

  • Prostate

As far as men are concerned, the change occurs both at the hormonal level, with the reduced conversion of testosterone to its active form, dihydrotestosterone, and at the level of the prostate , which tends to swell after a certain age. The symptoms of difficult urination, constant awakenings at night, pain and decreased libido can have a strong influence on well-being. This is why prevention , well before symptoms begin, is always a good idea. SOS Prostata , with Serenoa (the most studied and used plant in these cases, and also proven effective), Zinc, Pumpkin Seeds, Cranberry, Nettle Extract and Wheat Germ Oil is a product suitable for this type of approach.

Knowing what happens in our body, whether it's a cough, a sunburn or aging, helps us face the situation prepared, calm and with serenity !