The intestine , also called the second brain, is the organ that is able to absorb nutrients from food and discard waste substances.

A healthy intestine brings numerous benefits to the whole organism, in fact it improves the immune system , the appearance of skin and hair and the general health of the organism.

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A 360 ° action on intestinal well-being, very useful in cases of constipation, dysbiosis, bloating and diarrhea.

Inside you will find:

- Intestinal well-being: it activates the intestine and helps it to support regularity, based on Papaya, Melissa and Pineapple, which act favorably on digestive function, and Senna, which helps to maintain the correct regularity of intestinal transit .

- Floravita Plus : restores the balance of your bacterial flora by providing the right mix of Probiotics and Prebiotics together with B vitamins, essential for the immune system.

- Carrighenani Algae : seaweed that sweeps away the impurities of the gastrointestinal tract, especially heavy metals and toxins, favoring their elimination.

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The natural alarm clock for lazy intestines, inside you will find:

- Intestinal well -being

- Carrighenani seaweed

Two natural products that taken at the same time promote intestinal motility and intestinal cleansing, suitable for those suffering from constipation , for those who want to carry out an intestinal purification and for those who want to have a product to always keep at home and use in case of need.

The package designed for those who want to take care of their intestine in a delicate and effective way, purifying it of toxins and excess waste.

The Balanced Mix allows a deep purification of the intestine, moreover, according to Dr. Hulda Clark, the combined action of walnut husk, Artemisia wormwood and cloves can help eliminate intestinal parasites.

The Carrighenani Alga, on the other hand, has thickening properties , due to the high content of starches known as carrageenans, which once in the intestine rehydrate and form a gelatinous and dense mass that aggregates to the impurities of the gastrointestinal tract and allows for the expulsion. It also has chelating properties that allow the elimination of heavy metals.

Package designed to restore the bacterial flora and strengthen the immune defenses for autumn.

In fact,Natural Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid which protects cells from oxidative stress and strengthens the immune system, with rosehip which has a restorative action, and with camu camu which supports the body's natural defenses, the fluidity of secretions. bronchial and upper respiratory tract functionality.

While FloraVIta Plus repopulates the damaged microflora, restoring the intestine to its balance.