During the summer, and especially during the holidays, everyone's habits suddenly change, the lifestyle, the rhythm of the body and the biological clock seem to go haywire.

As it should be, we indulge in a few more whims, a few bubbles at sunset and thanks to the more abundant meals, the intestine does not seem to want to know that it is functioning correctly.

Most common symptoms

Common symptoms when away from home include bloating , diarrhea , or constipation.

Bloating , which results in abdominal tension, is caused by an accumulation of gases derived from the consumption of fermented foods or carbonated drinks (aperitifs are the champions in this).

An unbalanced diet also causes constipation , in addition to the psychological aspect that looms when you are away from home (home sweet home), also when you are away from home you do not always have the opportunity to use the toilets and this has a greater impact on the rhythm of the body. Often the consumption of fruit and vegetables , essential fibers for intestinal regularity, is drastically reduced, at the expense of carbohydrates and fats.

Even the phenomena of diarrhea are very frequent, especially when you are subject to sudden temperature changes for which the intestine is not absolutely ready. These episodes occur when there is an alteration in the intestinal microbiota.

How to regularize the intestine ?

Balanced diet and physical activity are essential to get the intestines back on track. Therefore, increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables , replacing refined cereals with whole grains.

Even water is a basic component for correct intestinal regularity, so take about 2 L per day, possibly at room temperature, avoid water and cold drinks!

Right supplements

Food supplements are essential to take care of your intestine, which one to choose?

Intestinal well-being: supplement based on Papaya, Melissa and Pineapple, which act favorably on digestive function, and Senna, which helps keep it correct regularity of intestinal transit . Enhanced with Malpighia, a plant that supports the natural defenses of the organism.

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Floravita Plus : supplement in capsules, of live lactic ferments, with pre and probiotic action, enriched with B vitamins. Naturally lactose-free, it restores the balance of the intestinal microflora.

Carrighenani Algae : seaweed of marine origin useful to help regulate digestive and intestinal function. Since the past it has been appreciated for its thickening power , due to the high content of starches known as carrageenans, which rehydrate inside the intestine forming a gelatinous and dense mass; this, thanks to its enthralling effect, aggregates with the impurities of the gastrointestinal tract, especially with heavy metals and toxins, favoring their elimination.

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Inulin : is a prebiotic dietary fiber , which is not broken down by digestive enzymes and arrives directly in the intestine, where it stimulates the proliferation of numerous "good" intestinal bacteria. The so-called FOS (Fruit Oligo Saccharides), probiotic substances with similar characteristics and activities, are obtained from the enzymatic hydrolysis of Inulin .

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