There is a lot of talk about detox diets, especially after overdoing food and drink , when you notice excessive abdominal swelling or have gained some weight.

However, we almost never talk about how to purify the liver which, among all organs, is definitely one of the most important for the well-being of the whole organism because thanks to it it is possible to assimilate the nutritional principles contained in food, regulate the intestinal functions. to eliminate waste and detoxify the entire body of harmful substances.

This gland alone is able to "clean" about one and a half liters of blood per minute, eliminating toxins and transforming toxic substances into harmless compounds . Drugs and alcohol, excesses of proteins and fats and a series of pollutants introduced with food are metabolized through the liver.

One of the most insidious problems that can occur are gallstones, which, by blocking the hepatic ducts, give rise to a malfunction and various disorders not only in the liver, but also in the intestine .

Why cleanse the liver?

Following a correct purification , the digestive processes improve , abdominal swellings disappear and the intestine becomes more regular .

Furthermore, if the liver metabolism works well, the epidermis also benefits. The skin , the emunctory organ par excellence, is healthy , luminous and with a beautiful complexion ; in general there is a wonderful sensation of lightness, energy and well-being.

The right (natural) products for your personal liver purification

If you have already completed (or are in the middle) of the first intestinal cleansing cycle, it is good to start thinking about phase two, that of the liver.

For effective liver purification it is possible to use a medicinal compound containing plant ingredients specially selected for their purifying and hepatoprotective action. The Enhanced Liver Depurative , with its extracts of milk thistle, fumaria, combreto, helichrysum and linden can prove to be the ideal solution to help the liver to dispose of excess accumulated toxins.

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If, on the other hand, gallstones are your problem, magnesium sulphate -based tablets, also known as English salt or bitter salt, are among the natural remedies of excellence to promote a deep cleansing of the liver and in particular of the bile ducts , facilitating the expulsion of any stones .

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After purification, to further improve and protect liver function, you can rely on one of the oldest and best known spices: turmeric .

CurcuMaxima, thanks to the high concentration and bioavailability of the active ingredient curcumin, is a valid ally based on pure turmeric able to bring benefits in the prevention and treatment of some liver disorders, including the commonly known "fatty liver", which is it mainly develops in people who are obese or with impaired glucose tolerance.

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Greek hay and olive are also herbs commonly used to improve liver health; in particular, thanks to the high presence of polyphenols and other phytochemical compounds, they are useful for lowering the levels of lipids accumulated in the liver and to combat the damage induced by alcohol intoxication. You can find them in Olealipid , in which the further addition of hibiscus helps to further reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as keep blood vessels healthy.

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