Pulizia, Difesa e Focus: prepariamoci all'Autunno Ecosalute

Cleaning, Defense and Focus: let's get ready for Autumn

There are no more half seasons than they used to be! We often say this, we hear it repeated. But autumn, like spring, remains a season of transition, of transformation , so it is important to support our body and mind so that they are better prepared to face these environmental and physiological changes.

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Our attention must be directed to two main aspects: detoxification and support for the immune system . Let's see what it is.


The summer has just ended, we feel regenerated and rested from the holidays, ready to start with our daily life, different for each of us, always very demanding. But we are already starting to feel tired , even though we went to bed early the night before, and we feel like we slept badly. We feel heavy and bloated even after a light meal. At certain times we seem to be slowing down and fatigued , physically and mentally.

These small, albeit incisive, daily annoyances that most of us experience can be signs of an organism that needs to be cleaned, detoxified . It is good practice, especially in the transitional seasons, to do a complete cleanse of our body, allowing it to be put in order to be able to restart at full capacity.

Nature comes to our aid with extraordinary plants that act on our liver , intestines and kidneys , promoting their functionality and the elimination of toxins . It is precisely these waste molecules that are deposited in our organism that are partly the cause of those ailments and negatively influence cellular processes, then affecting our state of well-being.


Nature also comes to our aid when it comes to strengthening our immune defenses . The synergy of phytotherapeutic compounds including Echinacea, Elderberry, Uncaria and many others, bee derivatives such as propolis and royal jelly, vitamins (in particular C) and minerals such as Zinc , helps us to fortify the body and prepare it to face seasonal ailments. Two key points are important for the stimulation of the immune system to be effective: start it in time and continue it daily, for a period that varies from three to six months depending on the individual differences of each of us.

The most used and recognized medicinal plant for its immunostimulating properties is certainly Echinacea .

The knowledge derived from its traditional use and from numerous scientific studies show us that doing two-week on-off cycles of intake in the autumn-winter period helps to prevent seasonal ailments and to reduce their duration and frequency. In addition, Vitamin C , taken in the preventive phase or at the onset of the first symptoms of colds , speeds up healing times and reduces the fall of the same .

A little more information on the dosages of Vitamin C : our intestine is able to absorb about 90% of Vitamin C on a dose of 180mg.

The more the dose increases, the lower the absorption and the more Vitamin C will be "wasted" ending up excreted in the urine. The advice is therefore to take low dosages (200-400mg) a couple of times a day to maximize the absorption of vitamin C and therefore obtain the benefits.

There is another type of defense present in our body, and it is the defense, or rather, resistance, to physical and mental stress . Each of us experiences these stresses on a daily basis, sometimes even without realizing it, and reacts differently. For this we will also focus on this aspect, which is important to take care of.


The traditional use of medicinal plants to enhance physical and mental resistance to stress has its roots in a very distant past, in very distant lands. Traditional Chinese Medicine as early as 3000 BC used plants such as Ginseng to improve circulation , digestion and speed up the healing of the wounded in battle. In India, at the same time, Ayurveda was born: plants such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Shilajiit were taken by the monks before meditation.

In Dioscorides' De Materia Medicia , a Greek physician of the 1st century AD, we find the use of Licorice and Rhodiola as fortifying for warriors. The Vikings also hired Rhodiola before going into battles. The term adaptogen , which describes the property of these and other plants to improve resistance to stress , appears for the first time in 1948. Later this concept will become so widespread and well known that millions of people around the world will use these plants.

Do you think that astronauts use Rhodiola and Eleutherococcus in space missions. And so it seemed important to us to also include our Rhodiola in the Autumn Program , so that you too can benefit from the adaptogenic properties of this plant. Its adaptogenic compounds improve the efficiency of the energy production of the cells: the whole organism is affected in a positive way, enhancing your physical and mental performance.

So keep in mind: Cleaning, Defense and Focus , and live your Autumn to the fullest!

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