The Christmas holidays always test those who follow a healthy diet. In fact, one is often tempted by typical dishes, particular dishes that appear on the table only in this period and foods that cannot properly be classified as healthy.

How can you resist the delicacies? Chocolates, sweets, pandoro, panettone, creams ... divine, but not exactly "light".

Thanks to the festive atmosphere and conviviality , there is also a tendency to consume much more than is necessary or one is normally used to: lunches and dinners in fact expand throughout the day and it is not uncommon to find oneself still sitting at the table, perhaps at four in the afternoon.

Foreclosing on life's little pleasures like food is wrong; however, it is necessary, at least minimally, to maintain a certain self-control .

The first organ to suffer from this " overload " is certainly the stomach . After these exaggerations it can happen in fact to feel the stomach swollen , tense and painful immediately after the meal. In some cases, indigestion may also occur or the feeling of discomfort in the stomach can last a few days, with consequences then also in the intestine.

To overcome these problems, it is possible to prepare the digestive system in advance for these overloads, with a nice purification based on natural ingredients that at the same time promote digestive function .

Depur Complex taken before main meals can help: based on artichoke, milk thistle, centella, grapefruit seed extract, turmeric and maltodextrin fermented from rice, it is the ideal ally for a mild purifying action that goes to facilitate the physiological digestive process. The presence of artichoke and thistle is also useful to protect the liver from any excesses of alcohol (they are in fact both plants with hepatoprotective action), of the holidays.

For a post-meal treatment that fights the annoying sensation of abdominal tension and bloating , always with the aim of promoting digestion at the same time, it is possible to resort to natural remedies based on ginger .

Ginger is in fact a plant that boasts digestive , carminative (helps to counteract swelling) and anti-nausea properties.

You can find it in Zenzimix , associated with herbs known for their positive action on the digestive system (Genziana and Boldo) and with a mix of enzymes useful for helping gastric acids to carry out their action.

Focus on the natural to enjoy lunches and dinners in complete tranquility.