Even with the current situation, the desire to celebrate and spend Christmas day and related holidays in joy remains: forced to stay at home, it is still possible to take advantage of family time while having fun.

So here is a list of activities to enjoy comfortably in the home environment , perhaps after the main meal of the holidays.

- The most creative can devote themselves to creating collages and 3D drawings using what you have at home: ribbons, leaves, glitter, old Christmas decorations. Especially for the little ones, this pastime can be ideal for engaging the energies without feeling too much the lack of open spaces.

-A classic of Christmas and family games is the " Who Am I " game. It is sufficient to write the name of a famous person on the post-its (even better if somehow related to Christmas, or of an animal, and insert them folded in a container. One person at a time then draws a note: the post -it must be applied on the forehead of a participant, who, through questions to those present, must try to guess without seeing what is written.

- The ABC of Christmas: you will need pen and paper and you have to write the whole alphabet vertically. At the “Via” the participants must write as quickly as possible a word associated with the Holidays for each letter. Obviously, whoever finishes first wins.

- The treasure hunt is a game that always amuses everyone, adults and children. To brighten the atmosphere with this nice pastime, it is sufficient to hide some objects in the corners of the house that will be found based on clues and riddles (obviously to be written in advance on cards). To add some suspense it is also possible to organize a "timed" treasure hunt.

- Karaoke : a little music brightens the atmosphere: to encourage the participation of the most timid, you can place a gift or a slice of extra dessert as a prize!

- Last but not least for this less popular and classic, the revival that in many homes is now a real Christmas institution: the bingo ! To warm the atmosphere and ensure that everyone receives a gift, small surprises can be prepared for each win, from simple candies for children to books, sweets and small accessories.

Have fun and above all Happy Holidays !