In these days the free time to relax and pamper yourself is certainly not lacking. After having cleaned, cooked and enjoyed entire afternoons and evenings with the family, it is time to devote yourself entirely to yourself, taking your own space and delighting in taking care of yourself and your body.

The wellness and spa centers are closed, but with some care it is possible to benefit from the same positive effects that you would have inside a Spa, both from a physical and a psychic point of view, without leaving home.

The main thing is to carefully prepare everything in advance and pay attention to details.

Relax during the holidays at home: yes, but with essential oils

  1. Recreate the right atmosphere: try to reserve a room or two just for you, possibly the bathroom and bedroom. Turn up the heating slightly, at least to 24 ° C : the body must feel comfortable in the present environment without being suffocated by warm clothes. Add a few drops of sweet orange essential oil and cinnamon essential oil to the diffuser or humidifier, for a spicy, warm and comfortable atmosphere, able to marry optimally with the Christmas period, light a few candles and put in the background relaxing music.

  2. Warm up the accessories: remember to warm up the towels , clothes , slippers and bathrobes that you will use after the bath, to avoid sudden changes in temperature that could take the body away from the state of relaxation it has just reached.

  3. Make an herbal tea: sip an herbal tea , during or after your bath. Chamomile, lavender, mauve, lime or rose can promote relaxation; the ideal is to prepare it before starting to relax, so as not to be forced to enter a noisy environment or go through the whole house to go and prepare it.

  4. Build (in advance) a decongestant pad: the eyes are a very delicate part, often prone to redness, inflammation and burning. In fact, small things such as strong tastes and smells, tension, stress or a few hours in front of a screen are enough to feel tired eyes. To overcome this problem, it is possible to sew a cotton handkerchief on three sides (preferably natural and white or light in color) in order to obtain a bag, fill it with granulated Himalayan salt , with a known anti-inflammatory effect, and tie the top with a ribbon. You can also apply 2 drops of lavender essential oil, to give the cushion a greater soothing and calming effect. Placed on the eyes during the next step will help increase relaxation .

  5. Immerse yourself in a relaxing bath: once you fill the bathtub with hot water and add a few drops of lavender essential oil , relaxation can really begin. Stay in this state for at least 15 minutes, enjoying the steam, the reassuring warmth of the water and the psycho-physical well-being resulting from your moment of relaxation.

Once the routine is over, calmly resume contact with reality: wear your softest, most comfortable and comfortable clothes: lie down, read, listen to music or simply enjoy the natural fragrances that pervade the environment and their effects on yours. psyche.

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