METABOLISMO LENTO: inizia dalla digestione Ecosalute

SLOW METABOLISM: starts with digestion

Good food is one of the pleasures of life but for many it becomes a real love and hate.

It happens to start and follow a healthier and more balanced diet for a few months but not be able to lose weight , so the frustration and the desire to abandon the diet increases.

The reasons why it is difficult to lose weight are subjective and varied among them, a common cause, however, often underestimated, is poor digestion.

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Digestion is a natural process, which begins the exact moment you start chewing your first bite.

Poor digestion can interfere with the metabolism by slowing it down and decreasing the ability to lose weight.

The movements that cause poor digestion are different, among the main ones we find: anxiety and stress, drugs, gastrointestinal problems or hormonal changes. Poor digestion is noticed when symptoms such as heaviness , abdominal bloating , stomach acidity and sleepiness occur just after meals.

There are some practical tips to improve digestion such as:

  • Chew slowly
  • Do not consume cold and hot foods together
  • Limit coffee and alcohol, as well as smoking
  • Limit sources of stress around meals.

Supplements are able to support it and facilitate the digestive process.

Metabolism Plus package

The Metabolism Plus Package allows you to promote the digestive process by giving a sprint to the metabolism , reducing the sense of fatigue caused by slow digestion.

The Metabolism Plus Package is useful for:

- promote metabolism by burning fat faster

- to give well-being to the nervous system

- promote digestion

- increase energy and vitality


Zenzimix is ​​a supplement formulated with two enzymes Enzymix and Fibrazyme which are essential for promoting digestive processes . In general, enzymes have the function of breaking down complex nutrient chains into simple units, allowing them to be easily absorbed and helping to facilitate the digestive process.

The two enzymes chosen, Enzymix and Fibrazyme , are able to activate at a temperature very similar to that of the body, in particular they are activated at the beginning of the stomach and remain active in all parts of the intestine , while traveling through areas with different pHs.

Magnesium B-Vitality

A supplement based on Magnesium, in particular Magnesium oxide , Magnesium glycerophosphate , Magnesium citrate and Vitamins of group B.

The latter play a very important role in transforming food into energy, together with Magnesium they help reduce tiredness and fatigue , regulate electrolyte balance, energy metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system.


Potassium helps to properly balance electrolytes and fluids in the body, helping to regulate the body's acid-base balance . To increase bioavailability it has been associated with Glucose or the exact same formula (Potassium Gluconate) present in food.

Especially in summer, when many mineral salts are lost through sweating, it is essential to integrate potassium to regain energy and vitality.

Magnesium B-Vitality ZenziMix Potassium Gluconate
Breakfast 2 tablets with a little water
Lunch 2 capsules immediately after lunch
Mid afternoon 2 tablets with a little water
Dinner 2 capsules immediately after lunch

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