STRESS ESTIVO: come affrontarlo? Ecosalute

SUMMER STRESS: how to deal with it?

Heat and mugginess reduce the energies of the body and especially of the mind every day. So you begin to spend your days under the air conditioning and follow a well-established routine since the beginning of the season.

This happens because, when temperatures rise, the body needs more energy to keep the temperature balanced.

We often become easily irritable , the tolerance threshold starts to drop and stress seems to reach its peak in the summer, when the high temperatures put everyone's zen to the test.

The stress hormone, cortisol , appears to be produced in greater quantities during this period. It is a very important hormone for the body because it helps reduce inflammation and keep the body healthy.

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Organize the holidays

Even holidays can become a source of stress : the preparation and organization, although beautiful, always remain a source of uncertainty and anxiety for everyone. Furthermore, some studies show that abandoning the routine, which is so hated during the year, causes an emotional state of stress . It is a form of anxiety that occurs when you leave the classic comfort zone and lose the habits and control you have during the day.

Throughout the year, the body and mind get used to stressful situations and balance with them. Therefore, when you find yourself having to slow down the pace of life, your body and mind need a few days to realign and create new habits.

Often he recommends returning from vacation 1/2 days before resuming work just to allow the body to adapt again.

To limit return stress , it is also recommended to keep more or less the same times of everyday life (lunch and dinner, time of going to bed or waking up, etc.)

Beware of overthinking

During the holidays, mind and body seek relaxation, as it should be. The breaks are essential to be able to restart with the right sprint and recharge your energy .

It is precisely in these moments, however, that the mind begins to travel and sabotage itself . When you realize that thoughts start to swallow you remember to stop your mind , think about where you are at that precise moment and what you are doing, you will think about the rest once you get home.

A good way to stop self-sabotaging thoughts is to imagine a happy and safe place for you, also imagining the scent in the air or the temperature; this will help you calm down and clear your mind.

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Fun and solitude

Open any social media and see that people are always happier and more carefree than you.

Spoiler: often not true.

That is, I hope that each of my friends present on social networks is happy and is having their best summer, but always remember that all that glitters is not gold.

The social pressure driven by the fun and euphoria you experience during this time can make you feel wrong and out of place, as well as terribly lonely. Even the idea of ​​spending time in crowded and noisy places can become a source of stress, always carve out your spaces, do what makes you feel good.

Dedicate yourself to your passions and discover new ones, between the heat and the heat find the physical and mental energy to enjoy this period to the fullest and grasp what beauty has to offer!

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