Maintaining a correct acid-base balance in the body is the basis of daily well-being.

The ideal pH of the human body lies in a range between 7.35-7.45 and all alterations can have severe implications; for this reason it must be kept slightly alkaline.

Just as a change in body temperature (even by a single degree) can have immediate consequences on the person, causing fatigue and discomfort, a change in pH towards acid values ​​can lead to a reduction in the oxygen level. When this happens, cellular metabolism slows down or stops and the cells go into distress . Also, if the blood pH drops too low, the body is more vulnerable to disease because bacteria and viruses proliferate easily in an acidic environment.

The human body has its own natural alkalizing systems, called buffer systems , to keep the blood, but also other fluids, at an adequate pH.

When the pH threshold is exceeded, the common buffer systems are no longer able to alkalize the body fluids and the body will take calcium (alkaline mineral) from the bones , magnesium from the muscles and all that is necessary to restore stocks , even at the expense of deterioration of the tissues themselves . In addition, to counteract the acid, more body fat will be accumulated with the consequent risk of being overweight .

What are the symptoms of an overly acidic body?

The most common symptoms of acidosis include:

  • Soreness and fatigue
  • Digestive difficulties
  • Bone fragility
  • Persistent body fat and high cholesterol levels
  • Headache
  • General malaise
  • Inflammation
  • Skin disorders such as acne or eczema

What are the causes

The most common causes of body hyperacidity are generally a poor diet and an incorrect lifestyle , which combined with the acid waste normally produced by the body's metabolic processes bring the pH to lower and lower levels.

How to bring your pH back to values ​​more suitable for the body

A diet rich in alkaline foods is the starting point for restoring a correct acid-base balance.

Prefer the consumption of certain fruits and vegetables (mango, papaya, grapes, bananas, figs, pineapples, algae, dark green leafy vegetables and peas in particular) and not exceed with the consumption of red meat, milk and derivatives allows to effectively counteract acidosis.

The alkalization of the body can also be favored with physical activity or the use of alkaline nutritional supplements .

In fact, several completely natural supplements are available that combine the effectiveness of some plant extracts with alkalizing properties with the presence of alkaline minerals, in such a way as to act on two fronts: to restore the acid-base balance and restore the mineral stocks that should be naturally present in the body.

Discover the products of the Alkavita Line

It is a line of supplements designed and formulated specifically to counteract ailments related to bodily acidosis .

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The same line also includes Alkavita drops and Alkavita Calcio Mix Super Gastro , two products specifically formulated to provide potassium and calcium, in order to also promote the well-being of bones and muscles.

For those who have acidity related to the common symptoms of magnesium deficiency ( muscle cramps , headache, fatigue and insomnia ), the magnesium chloride in Alkavita Mag tablets is available, in which magnesium and vitamin B6 act together to counteract these disorders by operating at the same time an alkalizing action.