Purification : a word that many instinctively associate with the purification of the intestine or, at most, the liver.

In reality it is a much broader concept, which can refer to the elimination of toxins and waste substances accumulated over time by other organs, defined as "emunctors" par excellence, such as the skin or kidneys.

The kidneys are real filters through which, during the day, the blood is purified at each passage, for a total of about 180 liters; of this considerable volume of liquid only about 1% is eliminated in the form of urine, the rest is immediately reabsorbed.

This continuous cycle between filtration and reabsorption is vital for the electrolyte balance; in fact, it allows to keep the quantity of water and mineral salts constant inside the body. The kidneys are also useful as they produce erythropoietin, the hormone that regulates the production of red blood cells.

Due to their continuous work of filtering the blood, to recover nutrients that can still be useful to the body, and waste of useless or harmful metabolites, such as urea, they tend to accumulate enormous quantities of toxic waste . In addition, the misuse of drugs and a diet rich in salt can worsen the picture.

Purification Phase 3: the kidneys

For those who, having already carried out a detoxification of the intestine and liver , want to continue and conclude their purification cycle or for those who simply wish to provide natural help to their kidneys by cleaning and detoxifying them, the Enhanced Kidney Depurative is available.

Based on Burdock , Bearberry, Beech, Poplar, Juniper, Pilosella, Goldenrod, Cherry and Birch, it is the ideal product to promote the drainage of body fluids in a natural way, with particular attention to the well-being of the urinary tract and to the improvement of their functionality.

For all those who have made the fight against liquid stagnation their life's mission, there is Bromelina Pineapple , a natural drainage extracted from the fruit and stem of the tropical fruit of the same name that stimulates kidney function. Very useful to promote diuresis, the functionality of the microcirculation and to counteract the imperfections of water retention and cellulite.

Finally, for those looking for a product that in addition to promoting the drainage of body fluids also helps in the prevention of gravel and small urinary tract stones, the advice is to try plant ingredients such as Uva Ursi . With astringent and diuretic properties, it is also the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory for kidneys and bladder par excellence, thanks to the high concentration of arbutin.