Not very elastic skin and swollen tissues , characterized by a not very smooth and compact appearance , indicate a state of water retention .

Swollen and heavy legs with an epidermis similar to the peel of an orange are the first symptom; in fact this imperfection occurs primarily and mainly on the thighs and hips .

But what exactly is meant by water retention?

In truth, water retention is not a purely aesthetic factor, but a much deeper problem.

In fact, it originates at the level of the connective tissue, the layer of the skin in which the capillaries are present, due to a malfunction of the microcirculation (therefore it is a circulatory problem) which, as a reaction, leads to entrapment and consequent accumulation in that seat of water and fat.

The causes…

The causes are usually related to poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. In the event that the microcirculation problem is amplified and the situation worsens up to the appearance of cellulite, other genetic factors may be added (such as the tendency to accumulate adipose tissue or not), hormonal (excess estrogen, which promote the retention of fluids), medication intake (for example, the birth control pill), stress and nervousness.

… And the solutions

There are several solutions to counter this problem; the most important, the one that will guarantee the best results, is certainly the correction of lifestyle: diet and physical activity in particular.

First of all, it is good to follow a balanced diet , low in sodium and refined or sweet foods and rich in foods such as fruits and vegetables, especially those with a high concentration of flavonoids that improve circulation.

Unfortunately there is a strong correlation between excess kg, perhaps deposited locally, and the stagnation of liquids; it is obviously possible to have water retention even if you are not overweight , but the percentage drops dramatically. In most cases, retention improves simply by regaining an adequate body weight and adopting a more active lifestyle : the adipose tissue, when it is in excess, has both an inflammatory and mechanical action, hindering the venous and lymphatic return. This implies an alteration at the metabolic level (ie a local increase in toxins), but also structural.

If you want to provide an extra help from the inside to the microcirculation of the lower limbs, you can also opt for officinal compounds such as Sane Legs , based on horse chestnut, butcher's broom, vine and blueberry , ingredients known for their beneficial action on veins and capillaries. .

The last food advice is on the dreaded salt : the average quantity of sodium should be around 1g per day, obviously referring not only to the added salt but also that contained in the foods; some, such as salmon or cooked ham, are particularly rich in it.

In second place there is physical activity : in addition to helping in weight loss, it also has countless benefits on the elimination of deposited toxins, in improving circulation and in conferring muscle and skin tone.

It is not necessary to go for a run every morning or perform exhausting exercises: just do some movement , even if of low intensity , constant and regular, with a certain weekly frequency . It is also advisable, especially if you opt for physical activity "at home", to prefer exercises capable of toning the lower limbs, an area more subject to stagnation of liquids.

It is also a good habit to keep the skin elastic : green light for body creams based on ingredients with a toning and draining action such as Body Cream against blemishes , especially if combined with massages.

The massage in question, in order to be effective and allow the applied cream to exert the beneficial action of its components, must last for at least 20 minutes , even better if performed after a shower and with a movement from the bottom up, which stimulate venous return and circulation. Ergo, quickly spreading the best anti-cellulite cream in the evening, five minutes before going to sleep, will give very little results.

Finally drink, drink and drink again (gradually): about 0.3l of water for every 10kg of body weight help enormously not only for water retention but also have the advantage of keeping the skin hydrated and helping to dispose of all the toxic substances that slowly accumulate in the body.

By following these tips (obviously not individually: no diet alone will work wonders as well as the best cosmetic, if not combined with other changes), you will notice the first results in about four or five weeks.