DEPUR COMPLEX: mix di enzimi per la depurazione Ecosalute

DEPUR COMPLEX: mix of enzymes for purification

Purification is a natural remedy to cleanse the body of waste and toxins and resume its normal functionality . Every day the body comes into contact with numerous pollutants present in the air, water and food and autonomously promotes their elimination , but if the body is slowed down due to overload, the processes slow down and consequently the accumulation .

Discover the package for a total purification

Depur Complex can be taken as a " maintenance " after the complete purification process, or be taken as an alternative to depuratives.

The ingredients contained, thanks to their properties, promote digestive function by protecting the liver and facilitating its functionality, also perform an antioxidant action and promote the drainage of body fluids.

What does it contain?

Included are:

  • Artichoke : precious for the purification and detoxification of the organism, it promotes digestion , the elimination of intestinal gas and promotes the metabolism of lipids . It is recognized as having an important hepatoprotective action .
  • Milk thistle : supports and enhances the action of the artichoke, thanks to its purifying properties and its ability to improve liver and digestive functions .
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract and Goldenrod : support the functionality of the microcirculation , the drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the urinary tract . They are therefore useful for the elimination of accumulated toxins . The antioxidant properties of both protect cells from the body from free radical damage.
  • Turmeric : promotes digestion , supports liver activity and joint function . It has a high antioxidant capacity .
  • Gotu kola : also effective in case of gastroduodenal ulcers caused by stress : the mechanism of action seems to be associated with the depressive activity of the central nervous system exerted by Centella asiatica thanks to the increase in the concentration of GABA in the brain.
  • Enzymix : mixture of enzymes from maltodextrin fermented by Aspergillus Oryzae, a valid support of the normal physiological functioning of the digestive process.It is a mixture of enzymes (amylase, protease, glucoamylase, lipase, lactase and pectinase) obtained through the fermentation of maltodextrins through non-toxic fungal organisms.

The presence of these enzymes facilitates the digestion of some particular foods, therefore it is very useful for those suffering from food intolerances and digestive disorders. Intolerances in recent years are increasingly growing, certainly those to lactose and gluten are the most common, but there are many others.

Often those suffering from intolerances are more prone to developing intestinal disorders, the intake of Depur Complex can in fact also be associated with Flora Vita Plus , able to maintain the correct balance of the microflora .

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