Carciofo: vegetale dalle mille proprietà Ecosalute

Artichoke: vegetable with a thousand properties

The artichoke plant is a demanding plant to grow but it can give you a lot of satisfaction. In nature there are different types of artichoke, all are grown to collect the flower, the edible part in fact, corresponds to the inflorescences. In the world there are many varieties of artichokes that differ in shape and color, there are about 90.

Did you know that the plant in summer, when the temperatures are very high, enters a dormancy phase from which it wakes up only with plenty of water?

This vegetable helps keep the liver healthy thanks to the presence of a molecule called cynarin which is able to stimulate the secretion of bile and promote detoxification of the organism .

Little known for its antioxidant properties , it contains chlorogenic acid which fights the formation of free radicals , slowing down cellular aging and tissue damage .

It also has a great diuretic and detoxifying power, being rich in fiber, it promotes intestinal emptying and regulates transit . The high amount of water inside, on the other hand, favors diuresis .

Inside this vegetable there are many mineral salts, including:

In particular, the high concentration of potassium allows the regulation of blood pressure and counteracts "bad" cholesterol.

Being a vegetable, fennel is rich in vegetable fibers. They are also rich in Vitamin C, B vitamins as well as vitamin K, useful for preventing osteoporosis.

DIY artichoke herbal tea

To enjoy all the benefits of fennel tea, start with fennel seeds. In reality, they are not real seeds but the "dried" fruits of the plant (we always recommend buying and consuming organic seeds.)

Use about 1 liter of water and heat it in a saucepan, add a few tablespoons of seeds and boil them together with the water for about 15 minutes.

In the infusion you can also add spices to make the experience more pleasant such as ginger , cinnamon or coriander .

Enjoy your herbal tea while it is still hot!

Did you know that fennel tea is recommended for breastfeeding women? It would seem to help increase the amount of milk .