Cristina Minotti

Developmental psychologist

Registered in the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany with number 8365.

I work with children and adults for their personal growth according to the life cycle perspective: each phase of our existence has critical and turning points that we can face by activating our own resources.

Through this approach I trained in:

- School Psychology

- Perinatal Psychology

- Mindfulness

- Book therapy


I currently run four laboratories:

- Lab. on personal growth : to support life changes, activate self-awareness and work on daily difficulties.

- Lab. on emotions : dedicated to the little ones who have the opportunity to learn about their own mind and emotions through games, readings and targeted activities.

- Lab. for the study method : aimed at all students who experience learning fatigue, we work on the difficulty in memorizing, on motivation and on organization.

- Workshop on parenting : for all parents who find themselves experiencing a crisis due to the tantrums of their children, the routines and certain behaviors of their children experienced in a problematic way.

My sessions take place online and in the studio.


- Mindfulness and return: how to deal with the return from holidays with some tips.

- Book therapy: the benefits of reading

- Self-esteem : how to take care of it and some practical examples

- Attention : did you know that there are different types of attention?



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