Gianluca Ghilardi


Graduated in Biology Applied to Nutrition Sciences at the University of Milan. Provides nutritional advice aimed at weight loss and correct nutrition. Recently he has opened up to the world of Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition.


- Cystitis: causes and remedies to prevent and lead a life without this type of nuisance.

- Health starts on the plate: the ideal diet to nourish and strengthen the immune system.

- Captures and eliminates heavy metals: chlorella is the ideal product for chelation, especially if combined with coriander. Together they are perfect for capturing unwanted guests within the body.

- Coconut oil: benefits and properties: fruit from the Philippines and Indonesia rich in properties and nutritional principles.

- Braised beef and broccoli recipe: a tasty recipe to amaze all your guests during the Christmas holidays.

- Detox diets: really effective or just marketing?

- Turmeric: the properties of the golden root


Mobile: 349 622 59 22


Studio: Viale Papiniano 28, 20123 - Milan

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