During the summer, the skin is frequently stressed by the sun, salt, sweat and temperature changes due to air conditioning, resulting in dry, dull and full of imperfections.

Where to start?

  • Correct Skin care

I would say from the basics. To restore radiance to the skin, it is essential to start following a correct skin care suitable for your skin type. The main stages are:

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Attention also to the temperature of the water, it must not be too cold or too hot and above all, take the right time to dedicate to cleaning and above all never go to bed without having taken off your make-up!

  • Diet

Find a healthy and balanced diet, the skin is in fact very affected by the change in diet. Consume large portions of fruit and vegetables to provide the right amount of minerals and vitamins, very important for the brightness and homogeneity of the skin.

  • Pamper your hair

Even the hair, as well as the skin, are affected by the summer period. And also in this case the watchword is: hydration . Prefer delicate and natural products that envelop the hair shaft, hydrating it deeply , you can also use a nut of conditioner and leave it on for about 10 minutes and then rinse.

To make your hair even brighter you can make an acid rinse made from vinegar and water (for a 1L of water use two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar).

Before the drying phase, never rub your hair but gently pat it dry and use a heat protector that can protect your hair.

  • Hydration

A hydrated body is immediately recognized by the brightness it emanates. Set as main objective 2L of water per day , it will benefit the whole organism and in particular the skin of the face.

  • Manage stress

Stress can negatively affect the well-being of the skin by causing acne and skin impurities. Take the time to learn how to manage stress correctly, starting to sleep about 7/8 hours a day , plan the activities of your day and always find some time to devote to your passions .

  • Hands away from your face

Dust and dirt always accumulate on the hands which if in contact with the skin of the face causes blemishes such as blackheads and pimples. Always remember not to touch your face too much with dirty hands, use them only to do a skincare, obviously remember to always wash them.

  • Massage

The face and body massage is a real panacea that stimulates the microcirculation and oxygenation of the tissues.

To deflate the bags under the eyes, for example, tap the area with your fingertips gently, in order to eliminate the stagnation of liquids.

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  • Relaxation for legs and feet

When you are in the shower, gently exosfoliate your skin with the Body Scrub and apply a generous layer of body cream.

You can use the same cream to make an extra moisturizing pack also on your feet, just apply the product, put your feet in an envelope and leave on.