The intestine significantly affects the general well-being of the whole organism.

This is because it is populated by a large number of microorganisms in perfect balance with each other, but it can happen that for different reasons, this very delicate balance is altered, leading to a series of unwanted changes in the body.

The main factors that can damage the intestinal balance are the intake of drugs and antibiotics, the consumption of alcohol , an unbalanced diet or emotional states of stress and anxiety.

Intestinal purification means the elimination of all toxins from the intestine, but not only, the goal of detoxification is to bring benefits within the body .

Balanced Clark Mix

The Enhanced Clark Balanced Mix is ​​a medicinal herbal compound.

The Three Herbs by Dr. Clark:

  • Green walnut husk : it exerts a purifying , digestive action and promotes the regularity of intestinal transit .
  • Artemisia : contains bitter substances and an essential oil with digestive and antispasmodic properties
  • Cloves : they exert their action mainly in the intestine, regulating the activity and favoring the elimination of gases .

In addition to Dr. Clark's three herbs, the formula has been enhanced with:

  • Burdock : it is considered a dermopathic plant: in fact it is used to maintain the well-being of the skin. Its purifying action is also important. Furthermore, the presence of inulin gives it a draining action , facilitating the elimination of toxins.
  • Olive leaves : some components present in fresh olive leaves have a vasodilating effect ; for this reason they have proved capable of maintaining regular blood pressure.

Intestinal purification is the first step required for a complete purification which involves the subsequent intake of the liver purifier and finally the kidney purifier .

Their intake allows a deep purification at 360 ° , a useful path to reset the whole organism and purify it of all the toxins and waste that accumulate over time and cause various ailments.

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Intestinal parasitosis

Intestinal purification is particularly suitable for cases of parasitosis. The term parasitosis refers to an infection caused by the presence of parasites that enter the body through contaminated food or water, the most common symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever. Often there are further ailments such as digestive disorders, constipation and intestinal obstructions, bloating , belching, anal itching, nausea and vomiting.

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