In September, the routine is restarted, especially the beauty one. Hair and skin after the summer period require a complete restoration to restore the brightness and tone lost due to chlorine, salt, sun and sweat.

The good news is that there is still time to remedy the mistakes made during the summer, the time has come to take care of the body with small tricks that can really make a difference. Let's not forget that psychologically taking care of yourself is also very important, and above all it allows you to carve out a few moments all for yourself.

Both face and body skin can be dry , dull and dull, the watchword for regaining skin balance is: hydration .

1st Step: Cleansing

Cleansing is the first step of the skin care routine because it prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients that will be applied later.

The goal of cleansing is to eliminate all the impurities that have deposited on the skin such as sebum, dust and sweat and which clog the pores.

It is preferable to use a delicate cleanser that does not attack the skin but that goes to pamper and clean it. The gel is the perfect formula not to weigh down the skin and above all to not make it oily.

Try the Pomegranate and Bitter Orange Cleanser.

2nd Step: Exfoliation

Exfoliation is essential to promote skin renewal . A false belief is that the scrub facilitates the elimination of the tan, but this is not the case at all, quite the contrary!

The exfoliating phase is often recommended a few days before sun exposure to facilitate an even and golden tan.

The Face Scrub and the Body Scrub have been specially formulated with different grain sizes to facilitate the elimination of dead cells and skin blemishes such as blackheads.

The Face Scrub is a fresh scrub with the sweet scent of Pomegranate and Elderberry, the presence of Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin hydrated avoiding the terrible feeling of dryness after exfoliation.

The Body Scrub also follows the same principle, in this case, however, Aloe Vera was chosen for its soothing and emollient properties.

Try the package dedicated to cellulite

The exfoliation must be performed at least once a week and must be followed by the moisturizing phase to restore the right level of nourishment to the skin.

3rd Step: hydration

Whether we are talking about the face, body or hair, this step is of fundamental importance to eliminate dryness.

For a strong treatment capable of restoring the level of hydration we recommend the Hydra H24 Package which contains both the Moisturizing Face Cream and the Anti- Aging Cream, both based on Pomegranate with a strong antioxidant action.

Why choose him? The Hydra H24 Package allows for complete and deep hydration, the Moisturizing Cream should be applied during the day, it is a light cream that acts as a barrier keeping the skin deeply hydrated. The Antiage Cream , on the other hand, is an explosion of nourishment that must be applied during the night, when cell renewal takes place and becomes much more receptive.

For the body, on the other hand, the ideal is a good completely natural nourishing cream such as the Body Cream based on Avocado, the Hyaluronic Acid inside it works by plumping the skin and in the superficial layers making the skin firm and luminous while the Aloe stimulates the production of collagen and elastin .

For a hair hydration , however, you can leave the conditioner on for about 10 minutes and use as if it were a hair mask.

Argan oil strengthens hair e fights aggression given by the drying of the hair and the plate, while the Sweet Almond Oil has properties emollients, moisturizers, elasticizing And regenerating.
The result is a crown hydrated, light And shining .