The lockdown was a prison for many who could not wait to start leaving the home again. For others it has proved to be a refuge, a comfortable nest from which they do not want to detach themselves.

For months, especially the children and the weaker group, they found themselves staying at home, without an outlet like a garden or a balcony, and they spent most of the time glued to the TV or a computer screen, even on the street. of distance learning.

When the moment of freedom came, many people refused to go out and reconnect with reality outside the home. Fear, inadequacy, confusion, sadness and a sense of loss take over and you are unable to react.

This is called the hut or prisoner syndrome that affects a good portion of the population and is the subject of studies by the world of psychiatry. The causes of this malaise can be various: fear of contagion, so we tend to avoid going out and prefer to stay safe at home; but also for the precautions that must be adopted during the outings, such as social distance and the use of the mask. These behavioral habits are not accepted by everyone and people prefer to stay at home rather than go to a restaurant or just go for a walk downtown. Another reason is the need for socialization, going out without being able to embrace arouses a lot of discontent in various subjects who no longer see post covid outings as important because they are too limited.

What can be done?

First of all, everything starts from your own mind and intentions: starting to think positively is the first thing. The experience of the pandemic, traumatic in every respect, should teach us that we can start over. Not being locked in the house, but helping each other, starting to go out with caution again. The value of social relations is higher than ever and we could fully enjoy it only by respecting the rules mentioned above.

The natural solutions that can alleviate the discomfort are these:

ANTISTRESS COMPLEX - medicinal compound that combines the properties of Rhodiola rosea with those of Schisandra chinensis, Avena, oat fruits, Centella, Verbena and Savory, which promotes physiological relaxation and harmonious balance.

Ideal for who

  • He is facing a period of severe stress for his body and mind;
  • Want natural support during a change in habits or life;
  • Want to improve concentration and intellectual performance, such as professionals and students;
  • For those suffering from insomnia

RHODIOLA - The Rhodiola Rosea L. thanks to its effect tonic-adaptogen can help counteract physical and mental fatigue, helping to maintain a normal mood.

Rhodiola is precious for those who: is facing a period of changes that entail stress or anxiety , must ensure high intellectual performance ; one is starting diet .


GEMMODERIVATED HAWTHORN - ornamental plant with a thousand resources, effective since it has an anxiolytic effect and is antiarrhythmic, so it allows tachycardia to be controlled and normalizes blood pressure.