DRENA & SNELLISCI: ritrova la tua silhouette Ecosalute

DRAIN & SLIMM: find your silhouette

Swollen legs in summer are a very common condition that affects both women and men, this happens because with the increase in temperatures the microcirculation slows down and consequently causes water retention

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The microcirculation goes haywire and no longer seems to work as it should, which is why it is essential to help the correct flow of blood with both internal and external natural active ingredients.

When you start a diet, the first pounds you start to lose are not fat but liquid . To reduce the number on the scale as a first step, you need to eliminate them, which make you feel bloated and heavy . (Don't worry, we're all human.)

Always remember that, just like you, other people are at the beach (or anywhere else) to relax and certainly won't think about your cellulite or extra pounds.

However, it is different if you want to feel good about yourself, feel fitter and more toned. In this case, in addition to a balanced diet and constant physical activity, choosing the right supplements, to facilitate the journey, is essential.

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The Drena & Slimming Package was created for all those who want to love each other more every day.

The synergistic goal of Bromelain and Kelp is to eliminate excess fluids and reduce the waistline.

Kelp seaweed

Kelp algae , or brown algae, are a natural fiber capable of reducing intestinal absorption of fats by up to 75%. Furthermore, when they are taken with water, they perform a gelling and satiating action.

They are therefore essential to eliminate extra pounds and reduce the waistline, as well as inhibit the sense of hunger, especially the nervous one.


It is a binomial of enzymes extracted from the stem and fruit of the Pineapple, these enzymes are able to break down proteins into very small fragments, making it possible to absorb them.

For several years, Bromelain has been used to reduce water retention and body weight as it promotes the drainage of liquids and counteracts the imperfections of cellulite .

Anti-fatigue cream

To soothe your legs, you must absolutely pamper them with the Anti-Fatigue Cream with Avocado Oil . The presence of menthol and centella produce a cold effect that is able to reduce swelling and give an immediate sensation of lightness to the legs .

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